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Things Driver's Will Never Say...!

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  • Things Driver's Will Never Say...!

    Here is my list of quotes you will never hear from a race driver.be it open-wheel or NASCAR...

    1) The boys back at the shop gave me a lousy car...

    2) I am thrilled over the fact that the autograph's I gave to the fans are selling so well on EBAY...

    3) I wish they would cut the purse money, I am paying too much in taxes...

    4) Why doesn't Tony George run these cars on dirt...

    5) I really like living in a trailer park...

    6) I will stay right where I am, there is no future in NASCAR...

    7) I am tired of the WC cars and would do anything to get a ride in a dirt sprint...

    8) Why don't they do away with the restrictor plates , and establish a maximum speed on the big tracks...

    9) I missed a shift and blew the engine...

    10) I would love to have Paul Tracy for a team mate

    11) Why do the turn off the lights when they pay the drivers...

    12) I am tired of hearing the announcers refer to me and say "he had a good run"...when I finished 16th..

    13) I am really looking forward to my next autograph session...

    14) My sponsor is an idiot and he lies about his product, but his wife is a real machine. If she were my crew chief i would drive for nothing...



    Your additions please ...


  • #2
    15) I missed the brake and hit the accelerator instead.
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      Stand E...boy does that one sound familiar...it was made famous by none other than Elaine Calinoff, my bride of 45 years. Hey when we got married, either you ran a "Growler" a/k/a Offenhauser or you didn't run at all...


      • #4
        "Nah we're not racing this Saturday.

        I finally got tickets for 'Riverdance' "
        Live like Dave


        • #5
          That line was also used by Mr Calinoff when he had a problem with a midget and a trailer.

          It is a shame hiow he always tries to blame that on his wife.

          I have met Eliane Calinoff and she is a very gracious lady.


          • #6
            Get lost LeVan...you type with mittens...

            (They moved the trailer !)


            • #7
              I wish that young Lady sitting down at turn nine would put her clothes back on.
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              • #8
                Man,,I coulda won a bunch more races,,, but I hate drinkin that Nesquick in victory lane so I sand bagged it.


                • #9
                  "No, I've got plenty of power. I don't need anymore."
                  Some people will do nearly anything in order to be able to not do anything.


                  • #10
                    "Sorry we bumped wheels man... my fault!"


                    • #11
                      Rusty Wallace or Geoff Bodine saying "That crash was my fault"

                      NASCAR saying "We are Sorry Mr. Simpson"

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                      • #12
                        Any driver in NASCAR saying another driver's name. Example: "That Bodine idiot wrecked me". Instead we get "Well the 47 was stout today, and then the 55 hit the 28, who bounced off the 89 and......"


                        • #13
                          Jimmy Spencer, "I apologize for anything I could have done to get Kurt Busch mad at me."


                          • #14
                            "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I took all the stupid pills outta my driver's suit."


                            • #15
                              He didn't come down on me, I just plain ran over him!

                              I was checking my mirrors to see how to best block him!


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