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Does any one remember?

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  • Does any one remember?

    I am looking at a photo of a twin engined Porsche that Bill Cheesbourg drove at Indy in 1966. The car did not make the race. It had an engine behind the driver to power the rear wheels and one in front of the front wheels, yes infront, that powered the front wheels. It is car number 79. The caption with the photo says that the rules state that twin engines are O.K. as long as the displacement of both motors does not exceed the displacement limit placed on all cars.
    The car looks reel funky to say the least, and I would assume it would have been a reel handful to drive. Does anyone have any memories of this car?


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    Yes, I remember that car. When I was a snot nosed kid, we went to qualifying and Cheese was out running the car along with the Jack Adams turbine car. The turbine car was just an interesting piece as the twin Porsche car. It was an old Demler roadster with a GE heliacopter engine in it. There was an article in the paper about it and Cheese claimed that he could burn rubber all the way down the main staight if he wanted to. It had that much torque.

    I think it was back in '68 that all that stuff was going on. Cheese's car beat the Granatelli's by one year. However, Gurney had the Zink Trackburner Special in '63.



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      If memory serves, and it serves less and less as I get older, the only thing linking those two flat sixes was the throttle linkage...I saw them working on it in Gasoline Alley quite a bit but only remember it doing a few warm laps while I was at the track....

      They had the right man for the job because Cheeseburg was one of those old [email protected] that would drive just about anything...Somewhat like Paul Russo, who manage to put the Fageol Twin Coach spl. on the front row in '46 with it's two offy midget engines fore and aft.

      The Jack Adams turbine was another mid sixties experiment that saw ambition over come execution...Lots of power, but without the offies compresion to slow it when the driver lifted, the brakes were badly overworked....The starting process for that turbine created such a loud thump that they began issuing warnings over the Gasoline Alley PA system before they fired it up...That car has recently been restored to it's original beauty and has shown at a few vintage events...


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        I remember the twin engine porche that Cheese drove that year but know very little about it. I remember him jumping from that car to the turbine and vice versa on bump day.

        Rick If you can get a hold of a 1977 Hugness Indy 500 Yearbook it has a picture and a paragraph of the car on page 173.

        The paragraph says the following:

        The Valvoline Special.
        Owned by Albert Stein, it used a conventional mid engine chassis with tubular space frame. But instead of an Offy or an Indy Ford behind the driver, the Valvoline had an air cooled flat six Porche engine. Each cylinder received it's own fuel injection unit and a small air scoop fed air to the central cooling fan.An independently-sprung transaxletook the power to the rear wheels. At the bow an identical unit was fitted with the engine sticking out ahead of the front wheels. The second engine provided the other half of the four-wheel drive, and like the Fageol car was connected to the rear engine only by the throttle. Bill Cheesbourg attempted to qualify the ungainly hybrid, but succeeded only in earning a seat in the stands on race day.

        - Jeanes, William, (from) Odds Against the Brickyard.

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