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    Originally posted by Adrian Thompson View Post
    Yes, I've heard it was very light. Where there minimum weights back then? It's the chassis and layout under the skin that intrigues me.

    IIRC, the minimum weight in 1965 was 1250 pounds and was increased a couple years later to 1350. A couple of rear engine cars in 1964 weighed about 1100 pounds( the Shrike and the Mickey Thompson cars). Most roadsters weighed about 1500 pounds and the Novi weighed almost a ton. The light weight of those cars was a major factor in the '64 Indy disaster. Had Dave MacDonald's car weighed as much as a roadster, it probably would have ridden up the track much faster and might not have been in the way of Sachs and the others. That is open to speculation, but a heavier car might have bounced off the outside wall. Dave never reached it. Also, imagine for a moment what might have happened if Bobby Unser's Novi had hit the MacDonald car.

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      Originally posted by Sea Fury View Post
      Are you sure about Michigan in '72? I thought the last time it made a race was at either Pocono or Ontario in like 1970 or '71.
      Originally posted by Sea Fury View Post
      '71 must have been the last time a front-engine Indy car started a 500-miler, then.
      He qualified 33rd for the first Pocono 500 in 1971. The field was full, and Hurtubise was attempting to qualify around 5:50 PM, just before the end of qualifications at 6:00 PM. As he crossed the finish line at the end of his qualification run (pretty sure it was four laps), he intentionally shut off the engine and coasted to a stop on the track. His speed was fast enough to make the field, but since the car was stopped on the track, his car wasn't towed off until after 6, and no one else could attempt to bump him.

      Source: I watched from the pit lane grandstands.