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    Nice tie in to Foyts part in its development.

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    I had a 1990 Olds Quad 442 with the Quad 4 HO and 5 speed. Lots of fun; rev happy and responsive with a pretty good power curve, although the sound took some getting used to, since I was coming out of a Monte Carlo with a rat motor. It had some problems when I first got it, with the ignition cover; that engine was sort of unique for its time in that it didn't have a distributor per se, but an assembly you thought was the cam cover but actually was the housing for the ignition system, which wired up four individual coils that each went straight into a spark plug. Luckily I got in just under the wire to get it covered by a recall. After that I put 100,000 miles on it with little more than oil changes, and it was a fun little car. It had a sunroof and handled great for a front-driver of its era. I also had the only one in the area, and nobody had any idea such a thing even existed.

    As I recall, that particular iteration of "442" stood for 4 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder, 2 camshafts. It's a shame the Fiero was dead by that time; a Fiero GT with that motor or even a turbo version of it with a 5-speed would have been fun.
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      A friend of mine had an Acheiva SCX, which was effectively the Firehawk series car production legal. It took the Quad 442 to the next level and new body with 190 hp and great suspension with the 5-speed. It was rare. Pretty fun and fast car and really what GM should have made as the base model instead of the crap they offered at the time (base Acheiva,Pontiac Grand Am, Buick Somerset/Skylark) with marshmallow suspensions and 3-speed automatics.

      Had great brakes and excellent suspension.

      He loved the car, but GM's endemic quality woes at the time of the N-body platform did the car in around 160,000 miles. Cheap, creaky, gap filled plastic interior, Peeling paint, and the eventual head gasket failure killed the engine. Had they actually done it correctly, the car could have gone for years, as the rest of the car was good.
      And don't forget the heat!