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Raw Satellite Feed of Indy 500 and Other Indy Races?

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  • Raw Satellite Feed of Indy 500 and Other Indy Races?

    I’ve always been very interested in raw satellite feeds of races. The commentary and banter during the commercial break is just so cool to listen to. Several NASCAR satellite feeds have been available all over YouTube (although recent events have removed a lot of classic nascar but that’s besides the point)
    I’m just wondering if any Indycar feeds are out there. It seems like there should be but I have not come across any besides the 1995 Indy 500.
    Has anyone found any more Indycar satellite feeds?

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    I beleive I have 1986 on VHS that was from the satellite feed.


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      I have satellite backhauls of every indy car race from 1980 to today. They go from Beta to VHS to DVD to Blu Ray and now I have a 'video jukebox' (basically a 25TB server) to store recordings on.

      It is just like being at the track and a great way to watch races.


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        I would very much like to see that server. Or send you a hard drive to be filled up with videos.


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          Those older races would definitely be worth seeing!


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            I once had the fortune to see the 1987 race in that way. The funniest moment I recall was that during a commercial the crew was joking about the debris on the track that caused the Yellow being either a beer or a softdrink can and then if it was of a brand represented on one of the cars yes or no.....