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Old Indy 500 Broadcasts: What Attracts Us?

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  • Old Indy 500 Broadcasts: What Attracts Us?

    Hello everyone,

    I was listening to the 1985 Indy 500 this past weekend and the wife said: Why do you listen to those old races over and over, you already know who won..........and that got me to thinking..........what is it that attracts me most?

    I just made a list that probably is not all the reasons:

    1. The history and tradition: The broadcasts take me back to the time in my life when the race was live....I think of the times in which the race took place, how old I was, where I was at in life at the time, did I go to the race that year?, etc.

    2. The word picture painted by the wonderful track announcers is almost like watching a play unfold. The announcers can take me there and the coverage is excellent. Even in the 60s with low technology, they do a great job of taking me there.

    3. The voice of Sid Collins..........the greatest voice of Indy ever.............

    4. Pretending I do not know who won and just listening to the announcers excitement as they describe the action.

    5. The History..........each race year is a new chapter and listening to an old broadcast is like looking at an old yearbook.

    6. We watch movie why not listen to old races?

    7. No matter how many times I have listened to a particular race, they never get old.

    8. Feels like I am visiting old friends when I hear the voices of the track announcers........they were able to bring a folksy style to their announcing that you think.......hey this guy could have made a nice neighbor..........

    9. Gets me excited for the coming race........I have 35 races that are digitized and my plan is to listen to them all before the 2015 Indy 500.

    10. I love the prerace broadcast almost as much as the race............I love the introduction of the announcers and each announcer welcoming the audience. The reading of the starting field and of course the somber prerace ceremonies.

    Those are a few of the reasons I listen I guess..........what are yours?.............

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    I forgot to seems like when I tell someone about the broadcasts that I have and that I love listening to them..........their response is usually lukewarm at seems and feels like I am a rare bird as I have never had someone say..........hey lets listen to an old Indy 500.............I think we are rare as Do Do


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      We listen to them, over and over, because it is the Indianapolis By God 500 Mile Race and nobody calls one like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network. Nobody. Ever.
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        To me it's a no-brainer question in the same way we watch our favorite movies and TV shows over and over again. Because for us, vintage race broadcasts are like revisiting old, familiar friends once again and also getting to experience the "time travel" aspect of seeing or listening to history unfold as it happened.


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 down to Hillyard Gates in turn three......


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            I agree with each broadcast feeling like an old familiar friend............I know Major League Baseball has a rich history and I have some vintage baseball games on audio as well........but Nothing and I mean Nothing! tops the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Network for history and tradition............


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              I will also mention that I have some DVD's of the Indy 500 from various favorite is the 82 race.........but I still prefer the IMS Radio Network to take me back.......seems I can see with my mind better than my eyes when it comes to going back in time.........


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                It just make me happy to listen to how things were back then....things were so much more different back then that it just kinda fascinates me.

                I like current and historic motorsports

                I could care less about most non-motorsports related TV or radio now a days or some stupid movie.


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                  One year not all that long ago I decided to just go to an empty wooded riverbank with a transistor radio and have a picnic and listen to the race. A nice afternoon. I had been thinking about those days as a kid when Dad would listen and fill in the drivers' position chart that came in the News while Sid called them out and his hamburgers turned into briquettes, just to be sure they were properly cooked. A fine afternoon.

                  I gave the tickets away.


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                    The roar of the engines, the smell of the crowd


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                      if I have a bad day at work and cant get to sleep...I'll upload, for example, 1962 500...and am usually asleep before the green flag. This is not to say the broadcast is boring...but just listening to, like many of you said, old friends (Ahern, Collins, Bell, Zink, Brockman, DeCamp, Agabashian, Palmer et. al) relaxes me...takes me away to a time I grew up one understands why except folks...and close Indy 500 crazies I know.


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                        Currently listening to the 55 race and the job that Jack Shapiro did on reporting the Vuckovich accident was excellent, especially when describing with word pictures. I think those reporters were great in conveying what happened in any part of the race, almost feel like I can see the action unfold in front of my eyes with their descriptions. Mauri Rose though was terrible in my opinion as he analyzed the happenings on the track. He seemed to ramble a lot and did not convey his knowledge very well. By the way, only one reporter was used to cover turns 1 and 2 and one for turns 3 and 4. There was also Shapiro covering the backstretch.


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                          Theatre of the mind and it reminds me of my dad.
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                            Redlegs -- you nailed it about Rose. He was a much better driver than announcer. I'm sure Sid meant well. On the other side...I've always thought Charlie Brockman was the backbone of those broadcasts with Sid. Great updates on standings, etc.


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                              Originally posted by tmorris View Post
                              Redlegs -- you nailed it about Rose. He was a much better driver than announcer. I'm sure Sid meant well. On the other side...I've always thought Charlie Brockman was the backbone of those broadcasts with Sid. Great updates on standings, etc.
                              Yes Brockman was very good and was the glue for the standings and insights I thought. I enjoy his reports. I think Rose may have been the precursor to bringing in Freddie Agabashian as Sid maybe needed an expert in the booth to help carry the load. I enjoy listening to Freddie also in the later years. He seemed to have a good rapport with Sid also in the booth. Lends to the family atmosphere that was portrayed in the broadcasts. I got the sense that I was listening to a group of guys who truly enjoyed and respected what they were announcing and they did so with a professional undertaking. It draws me back to those old broadcasts especially at this time of year when the 2015 Indy 500 is on the horizon. Will be listening to the 1980 500 today.


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