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Classic Thrills & Spills; Dick Wallen vid on YouTube

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  • Classic Thrills & Spills; Dick Wallen vid on YouTube

    I always wanted to get some of the Wallen videos but they were pretty expensive back in the '80s

    now we get some of them for free on YouTube!

    haven't been able to find Volume 2 on the internet yet

    1/2 hour of awesome film work of just about every type of motorsport including bikes - appears to be mostly early- to mid-'70s stuff

    the best sprint car stuff starts around the 8-minute mark and then again in the last 4 minutes

    so sit back and enjoy some classic action on a cold winters day.....

    "Charging a man with murder here was like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500."- Capt. Willard, Apocolypse Now
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    Sprint cars are still among the most wicked beasts out there...


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