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Who's the Luckiest To Have Survied A Crash totally UNHURT?

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  • Who's the Luckiest To Have Survied A Crash totally UNHURT?

    Please don't let this degenerate into an injury thread, it's not.

    The theme here is "totally unhurt".

    I nominate Bobby Unser in the VitaFresh car going under the armco at Phoenix in '65.
    (The modern boys have survived some serious ones, but they benefited from modern safety improvements, too.)


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    Tom Sneva at Indy.




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      Roberto Guerrero Las Vegas 1997. Replays start at 0:54.

      And of course Dario upside-down at Michigan and Nashville in back-to-back weeks.
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          EJ Viso GP2.


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            Originally posted by NoviVespa View Post

            Actually I believe Sneva had some burns on his neck and spent the night in the hospital?


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              Originally posted by Ren Butler View Post
              And of course Dario upside-down at Michigan and Nashville in back-to-back weeks.
              That would have been Michigan and Kentucky.


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                JV and Hiro were pretty lucky at Phoenix in 1994:



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                  Sneva did have some burns, caused him to miss Milwaukee the next week and I did not get to see him. I was unhappy!

                  How about Cotton Farmer at Phoenix, 1960 I believe. Rolled the Glessner on top of the guardrail and walked away.

                  Shaw vaulted the wall at Indy in 32 and came back to drive in the same race!!!

                  But I think Kevin Cogan in 1989 might be the candidate for this award. I've never seen a worsechampionship car crash where the driver walked away
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                    Jack Turner cartwheeled a roadster down the Indy frontstraight two years in a row. After one of them there is a photo showing the stunned Turner being helped away by track personnel. After the other one he overnighted at the hospital, don't know how hurt he was.

                    Peter Dumbreck sailing into the trees at Le Mans in 1999.

                    Bob Bondurant describes in his first book about how he was thrilling himself taking the factory F1 Ferarri through Monza's Curva Grande flat out until he ran out of luck and bailed out of the car in midair and woke up in the woods. He slowly moved everything and nothing hurt, so he got up and walked back to the pits. After inspecting the remains of the car, the evidence showed that had he been wearing a seat belt everything above his chest would not have fared well....
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                      Mario's last ride at IMS?
                      So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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                        This of course is NO.1



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                          Manfred Winkelhock, the Ring, F2, 1980. He calmly went back to the pits and told the March team that he had had a little off. Then the wreckage was brought back. Manfred himself was calm until he saw the accident on the news later - and then threw up...

                          Sadly Mosport got him a few years later.
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                            Maybe not the worst but she was hella lucky.

                            I hate it when people compare Senna with god . . . I mean he is okay, but come on he isn't Senna. . .


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                              a couple of mine without video:

                              memo at road america

                              and i seem to recall buddy rice doing an up and over on a fast over

                              there was a cart race on a twisty...i cannot remember the drivers, but one spun out facing the opposite way and they other used his nose as a ramp

                              and mario maries and marco at brazil this year - how to marco make it out?


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