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How many tracks have you attended to watch a race?

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  • How many tracks have you attended to watch a race?

    All of these threads about attendance and what not, since I am now somewhat of an old-timer, I began to think about how fanactical about racing that I had been in my life.
    Some folks believe that I am half crazy because of that. Thank God that I have toned down.

    I started thinking back of the number of tracks that I have driven to watch a race over the years. I came up with 56 different tracks or temp street courses. That scares me about myself!

    Look back and try it and post it, you may surprise yourself.
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    Lavonia (Georgia) speedway three weeks ago was track #111 for me.

    Something like 17 different states and Quebec.
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      You guys have me beat. Quick count gave me 25 tracks in 13 states.
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        From the archives: How Many Tracks Have you Been To #31-60


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          Sorry I missed the original, thanks for posting it. Some of you guys and your numbers are amazing!


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            42 Tracks in 10 States. I might remember a couple more...ah yes New Smyrna in Fla 43...Englistown Drag Strip 44...Pocono...45...Mahoning Valley 46...
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              55 tracks, 15 states.
              I'll see YOU at the races!


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                Originally posted by mdkiel View Post
                42 Tracks in 10 States. I might remember a couple more...ah yes New Smyrna in Fla 43...Englistown Drag Strip 44...Pocono...45...Mahoning Valley 46...
                Been to Mahoning a couple times. Last time I was there was January 2, 1988. They wanted to host the first race of the year I guess

                Frigid cold and the track actually had ice on the surface in some sections.

                They ran anyhow since it was an Enduro
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                  14 tracks, 6 states...but numerous times on most. I guess I'm a newbie.
                  So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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                    I'm in the mid 50's at 13 states. I keep a spread sheet on my home PC of when, the track details and what ran.
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                      22 in 5 states.

                      Texarkana Speedbowl, Texarkana, TX
                      Texas World Speedway, College Station, TX
                      Boothill Speedway, Shreveport, LA
                      Devils Bowl, Mesquite, TX
                      Kilgore Speedway, Kilgore, TX
                      Thunderhill Speedway, Kyle, TX
                      Longhorn Speedway, Austin, TX
                      Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN
                      Indianapolis Raceway Park, Indianapolis, IN
                      Talladega Dirt Track, Talladega, Al
                      Talladega Superspeedway, Talladega, Al
                      Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, GA
                      Dallas F1 Grand Prix, Dallas, TX
                      Texas Motor Speedway, Ft Worth, TX
                      Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, Ft Worth, TX
                      Big H, Houston, TX
                      Meyer Speedway, Houston, TX
                      Houston Raceway Park, Baytown, TX
                      Battleground Speedway, Baytown, TX
                      Phoenix International, Phoenix, AZ
                      Manazanita Speedway, Phoenix, AZ


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                        Let's see.






                        IRP both



                        Nat'l Trail




                        New Bremen

                        Indy St Fairgrounds


                        Houston Dragway

                        Tri State Dragstrip

                        Edgewater Dragstrip

                        Tri County Speedway

                        New Castle



                        Eastwood Lake U1 Hydros & drag boats
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                          13 that come to mind quickly:

                          Pocono (Pre-CART Indy Cars, CART, NASCAR, assorted sports cars)

                          Indianapolis (F1--each year save one)

                          Long Beach (CART/IRL)

                          Detroit (downtown) (F1)

                          Phoenix (downtown) (F1)

                          Phoenix (PIR) (CART)

                          Riverside (NASCAR/IROC)

                          Fontana (CART/IRL)

                          Laguna Seca (CART, GP Bikes, Historics)

                          Montreal (F1)

                          Brands Hatch, England (F1)

                          Willow Springs (Historic indycars, assorted others)

                          Ascot (Spridget)


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                            I have seen races at 45 tracks in 7 different states. I guess I'm doing pretty well so far considering the number of racetracks I've been to is nearly double my age.

                            ILLINOIS (9)
                            Chicagoland Speedway (Joliet)
                            DuQuoin State Fairgrounds
                            Fairbury American Legion Speedway
                            Farmer City Raceway
                            Illinois State Fairgrounds (Springfield)
                            Lincoln Speedway
                            Macon Speedway
                            Red Hill Raceway (Sumner)
                            Vermilion County Speedway (Danville)

                            INDIANA (25)
                            Allen County Memorial Coliseum (Fort Wayne)
                            Anderson Speedway
                            Bloomington Speedway
                            Brownstown Speedway
                            Gas City I-69 Speedway
                            Indiana State Fairgrounds (Indianapolis)
                            Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval
                            Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course
                            O'Reilly Raceway Park Oval (Clermont)
                            O'Reilly Raceway Park Drag Strip (Clermont)
                            Indianapolis Speedrome
                            Kamp Motor Speedway (Boswell)
                            Kokomo Speedway
                            Lawrenceburg Speedway
                            Lincoln Park Speedway (Putnamville)
                            Marion County Fairgrounds
                            Montpelier Motor Speedway
                            Mount Lawn Speedway (New Castle)
                            Paragon Speedway
                            RCA Dome (Indianapolis)
                            Salem Speedway
                            16th Street Speedway (Indianapolis)
                            Terre Haute Action Track
                            Tri-State Speedway (Haubstadt)
                            Twin Cities Raceway Park (North Vernon)
                            Union County Speedway (Liberty)
                            Winchester Speedway

                            KENTUCKY (3)
                            Florence Speedway
                            Kentucky Speedway (Sparta)
                            Louisville Motor Speedway

                            MICHIGAN (1)
                            Berlin Raceway (Marne)

                            MISSOURI (1)
                            I-55 Raceway (Pevely)

                            OHIO (2)
                            Eldora Speedway (Rossburg)
                            Fremont Speedway
                            Waynesfield Raceway Park

                            WISCONSIN (4)
                            Angell Park Speedway (Sun Prairie)
                            Milwaukee Mile
                            Slinger Super Speedway
                            Wilmot Speedway
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                              A whole lot of 'em!
                              Have a very blessed day!


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