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PICK 3 - There's no place like Homestead

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  • PICK 3 - There's no place like Homestead

    You know, boys and girls, far be it from me to tell anyone what to do...

    ...but do you realize that Liz and OldSchool IRL and Brickyard500 and comfortably numb have not experienced the joy of winning a Pick 3 contest this season?

    I'll let you collective conscience be your guide.

    OK. on to the last week and it is all over but the shouting, the lavish awards banquet and the cash prizes---but more on that next week.

    You know da Rules:

    Each race pick 3 drivers.
    Designate one of them as the winner.
    Entries closed at the drop of the green flag.


    The driver you pick as the winner gets:
    35 points for 1st
    20 points for 2nd or 3rd
    10 points for 4th thru 7th
    5 points for 8th thru 10th

    The other two drivers get:
    20 points for 1st thru 3rd
    10 points for 4th thru 7th
    5 points for 8th thru 10th

    AND REMEMBER.......

    You gotta be specific about your Gordons, Wallaces, etc. etc. etc. No first name--- no points.

    4aljunior and shifty will PM their picks to me and I will post them as soon as I receive both.

    Good Luck!

    *****SEASON TOTALS*****

    1. 4aljunior - 1000

    2. shifty - 935

    3. crashcoursed - 880
    4. nm - 820

    5. Taxpayer - 790
    6. jp fan - 700

    7. Bruce Spencer - 690
    8. Liz - 650
    9. numb - 645
    10. Round Robin - 630
    11. hdolan - 600
    12. TommyTech15 - 600

    13. OldSchoolIRL - 575
    14. ensign14 - 500

    15. FishBurger - 495
    16. StatMan - 455
    17. Brickyard500 - 430

    18. Refutation - 305

    19. Vasserfan - 240
    20. dwcremax - 155

    21. jm70 - 60
    Last edited by comfortably numb; 11-15-2005, 09:47 AM.
    "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made."
    ~~Groucho Marx
    I have the hots for Khaleesi...

  • #2
    2-Dale Jr.
    3-Mark Martin
    16th and Georgetown, the greatest place on EARTH!!!


    • #3
      Winner Tony (2002 & 2005 NASCAR Champ) Stewart. Others - Carl Edwards (next years champ) and Jimmy Johnson (in the process of becoming to the NASCAR point race what Ted Horn was to the Indy 500) And yet another season of 3 hour races, restrictor plates, megabucks, and off-track antics comes to a close.
      Dwight Clock


      • #4
        Winner: Jimmie Johnson

        Others: Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards
        After years of fighting and a split, guess what, we are all IndyCar

        October will always be a sad racing month for me. RIP Greg and Dan. You both were great and we miss you.


        • #5
          1. Stew
          2. Jimmie the J
          3. Jeffo Gordo
          GO DANICA!!!


          • #6

            Hey do I get amillion dollars for finishing in 11th place...


            • #7
              Winner-Dale Jr.
              Jimmie Johnson
              Kenny Wallace


              • #8
                Perhaps I am saving those wins for 2006 since 2005 is a long lost cause!

                1st - the once and future champ, Tony Stewart

                Others - Rusty & Dale Jr.


                • #9
                  1. Stewart

                  2. J. Gordon

                  3. Edwards
                  "The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made."
                  ~~Groucho Marx
                  I have the hots for Khaleesi...


                  • #10
                    Winner - Denny Hamlin (JGR cars run good at Homestead)

                    Jimmie Johnson.
                    Acrobat Gymnastics (Carl Edwards)


                    • #11
                      Jeff Burton (Winner)
                      Jeff Gordon
                      Ryan Newman
                      Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Keenest of them all?


                      • #12
                        Winner - Mark Martin

                        Tony Stewart
                        Jeff Gordon
                        I'll see YOU at the races!


                        • #13
                          Winner: Mark Martin

                          Place or Show: Tony Stewart or Carl Edwards


                          • #14
                            1. Jimmie Johnson
                            2. Jeff Gordon
                            3. Rusty Wallace (did you think you would ever see me pick Rusty in the top 3 )
                            "It is sad that open-wheel racing has become a buy a ride situation, but it is what it is."


                            • #15
                              winner biffle
                              jimmy johnson
                              tony stewart


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