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  • Noah Gregson

    What is his deal, he keeps getting involved in incidents, he had a fight with Burton JUST LAST WEEK...Now Hirbst is after him, even Junior is starting to come down on him a bit?

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    None of it was his fault, just ask him. He never touched Herbst’s bumper, just ask him.......
    I missed it but sounds like someone got on his quarter panel and he wrecked. Repairs but couldn’t make speed so done for the day. I’m sure it’s not his fault.


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      He's racing hard, he ants to win, he doesn't have superior equipment or top line Cup skills like Kyle Busch so he pushes harder than some others.

      Is Junior coming down on him on the air? Do you know who owns that #9 car? Kelly Earnhardt and her brother, aka Junior. If he wanted to Noah to pull back, he's got his phone number
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        I did not get to see today’s race but it does not surprise me if he was involved in something of his own doing.


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          He race the same way in the other divisions leading to his current seat.

          I like the question Rut got from Jimmy Means about what it's like for Jr. to call the race when your driver is involved in this kind of racing action.
          "If you don't do it this year, you'll be another year older when you do"


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