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Newmans win questioned.............

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  • Newmans win questioned.............

    Here yah go...........

    Sounds like a bunch of sore losers to me Newman and Borland are embarrasing a lot of the "Stars " so naturally their cheating

    "Better To Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six"
    " Only Those Who Will Risk Going Too Far....Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go "...T.S. Elliot....

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    Let's see, a Hoosier with open wheel grass-roots pounding the regulars. Do I detect a pattern?

    How long before he is hated in that league too?

    "I doubt NASCAR really cares one way or the other what Richard Petty does at this point in his life..." -hdolan. Very sad but very true.


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      I have always found that frustrating and demoralizing your competition always adds to the pleasure of the victory.

      1 point for a win.... 0 points for second.......... lets have a real cup champion for a change!!!!

      Does anyone know who the last cup champ was that also won the most races in his championship season???? jeffyg, maybe???


      I love any race car whose last name is "Special"



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        Good to see the young kid Mel Kenyon put in a midget 10 years ago getting the old gang frustrated.

        My bigger question is why isn't Rusty winning? Is it the young kid is hungrier and hanging it out more?


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          They are not cheating. A fuel tank normally lasts for about 67 laps on a 1.5-mile track, and with that bunch of cautions you can squeeze out some 11 more laps.

          Strategy also plays a major factor. Of course none of the frontrunners will come in with 78 to go and try to make it on fuel. They would have too less to gain and too much to lose. That's a natural equalizing factor.

          Unfortunately the huge amount of crashes this year have increased the likeliness of a fuel mileage race. First if there's a caution around the mark where you might be able to make it on fuel, and second if there are many cautions after that that help to save fuel.

          Track position is just too important today. Who knows, some years ago the extra 10 laps on the tires could have hurt him.

          IMHO a fuel mileage race spices up the action once in a while, but who wants to eat pure spice?
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            Newman won?!?!

            That's another 5 points in Pick 5 for me! Between Cubs and Bears I never did hear who won the race. Good day for me all around, Now if IU can ever win another football game this year.............
            "I love Indianapolis. I love the people. I love everything about it....the tradition, the history." - Dan Wheldon


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              The unfair advantage strikes again.

              Mayfield translated: "It coulda been me! It coulda been me!"
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                "Let's see, a Hoosier with open wheel grass-roots pounding the regulars. Do I detect a pattern?

                How long before he is hated in that league too? "

                Let's see, a Hoosier with open wheel grass roots got beat and whined abit himself...can you guess who he is


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                  Someone needs to smell the water in that water bottle hanging inside the car!
                  16th and Georgetown, the greatest place on EARTH!!!


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                    Everyone's making a big deal out of the 78 laps Newman ran on his last tankful, but several others did the same thing. Among them was Mayfield. I guess he cheated, too, but wasn't fast enough.
                    "The older I get, the faster I used to be!"


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                      Maybe theres some old timers from Di-Gard plumbing the fuel sysytem down at Penske South?
                      Live like Dave


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                        maybe Ryan saw the Tony Steward commercail and shaved his legs to last longer and go further faster.
                        "These guys generate some serious horsepower," Wallace said. "I wouldn't get out of an electric chair to get in one of these things."



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                          from dog-ring:

                          Sounds like a bunch of sore losers to me.............
                          Exactly. Just some folks who were frustated by the track position racing and chose to whine.

                          I just got home from Kansas last night and this is the first chance to be at the office and on line. Elliott just got beat because the cars a lap down took him too long to get around. When he cleared them he was 1 to 3 tenths faster per lap than either Newman or Mayfield. It was just the luck of position (he lost 5 slots (which equals 10 cars on double file restarts) on his last pit stop.

                          Elliott wasn't the only fastest car to not win this weekend. Waltrip sure showed us all why his car was the fastest on Saturday when his tire popped.


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                            NEWS FLASH!!!!! Newman's car passes tech, but Newman doesn't. NASCAR suspended Ryan Newman today when it was discovered he has a hollow left leg. Seems the leg holds 2 1/2 gallons of gas. His left foot has a quick connect to the fuel line when he puts his foot on the floor board.
                            This arrangement seems to work real well, since Newman doesn't use the brake. By the end of the fuel run, his right foot is much heavier than his left. This explains how he ran the fastest lap of the race at the end with Bill Elliot trying to catch him.
                            "The older I get, the faster I used to be!"


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                              Personally I get the feeling that Newman or someone else on that team knows how to build a carb with the proper jets to give performance and also ecomomy. It is the combination.

                              I am wondering exactly what tire pressure Ryan had when they put the last set of tires on. Tire pressure is very critical and the less rubber on the track that 2 or 3 pounds might make will have a tremendous effect on fuel milage...just like it does on your family car.

                              Let's face it, this kid brought brawn and BRAINS to the table. You don't have to be faster...you have to be smarter. And he sure is.

                              As to the question why Rusty isn't running faster, well if I had two planes, five car agencys and other serious investments, I would be past the stage where I would want my bell rung. Agreed ?


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