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Soup Bowl picks due Friday the 22nd @ 1:30 TFT

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  • Soup Bowl picks due Friday the 22nd @ 1:30 TFT

    It's time for the Bristol race. The deadline to post your picks is Friday, August 22nd, at 2:30 ET, 1:30 TFT (TrackForum Time). LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    Here's how to play: post your picks for the drivers finishing in positions 1-5, leading the most laps, and winning the pole. You may also post picks for others you know (spouse, child, s.o., etc), who are not TF members but wish to play. If you do this, however, please make it clear whose picks are whose.

    Be clear when you post. Distinguish between Jeff and Robby Gordon, Ward and Jeff Burton, Bobby and Terry Labonte, Jeff Burton and Jeff Gordon and Jeff Green, Elliott Sadler and Bill Elliott, or anywhere else where there is a chance for confusion!

    Point distribution is as follows:
    correct pole position - 1 point
    correct lap leader - 1 point
    correct 1st place - 5 points
    correct 2nd place - 4 points
    correct 3rd place - 3 points
    correct 4th place - 2 points
    correct 5th place - 1 point

    Here's how scoring is done: If the driver finishes at or higher than where you picked him, you get the points for the position you picked him to finish in. Example: you pick Tony Stewart to finish 3rd and he wins - you get 3 points for picking him third. If the driver finishes lower than where you picked him, you get nothing. Example: you pick Kevin Harvick to finish 4th, but he finishes 5th - you get no points for that pick.

    If two drivers lead an equal number of laps, more than any other drivers, you get points if you picked either one. When time trials are rained out or otherwise cancelled, no points are awarded for the pole.

    You may only pick drivers, not cars, and no alternates allowed. E.g. "Whoever is driving the #27 car" and "Ryan Newman, but if he doesn't make the field I pick Jimmy Spencer" are unacceptable. Also, picking the same driver for multiple finishing positions is not allowed.

    After the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the winner. Prize will be the same as before: adoration and renown!

    If there is a tie at the end of the season for 1st place, the tiebreaker will be the number of races won. If there is still a tie, the winner will be the poster who won the most races as the sole winner, rather than simply tying for the win. If there is still a tie after that, there will be co-champions.

    Attempts will be made to notify anyone needing to edit their entry, but it is you who is responsible for your pick. Don't blame anybody else if you mess it up or neglect to correct your picks.

    In event of a dispute over scoring/disqualification of picks, notify the Pick 5 Commissioner (P5C). All decisions made by the P5C are final.

    Good luck,

    P.S. Scores from Michigan will be released tomorrow.
    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Keenest of them all?

  • #2
    ||: Jimmie Johnson
    0's: Kurt Busch

    1st: Kevin Harvick
    2d: Jimmie Johnson
    3d: Kurt Busch
    4th: Tony Stewart
    5th: Tony Raines
    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the Keenest of them all?


    • #3
      If Busch comes anywhere CLOSE to winning, I guarantee you I will want to puke.

      1. Rusty
      2. Earnhardt Jr.
      3. J. Gordon
      4. R. Gordon
      5. Schrader

      I'd have put Stew in my top 5, but I think somebody's gonna wreck him out.
      GO DANICA!!!


      • #4
        Pole: R. Newman
        Laps: J. Gordon

        1st: T. Stewart
        2nd: J. Gordon
        3rd: R. Newman
        4th: D. Earnhardt Jr.
        5th: K. Harvick
        I'm just a mouse around the house.


        • #5
          Pole-Ryan Newman
          Laps-Jimmie Johnson

          1st-Jimmie Johnson
          2nd-Jeff Gordon
          3rd-E. Sadler
          4th-Tony Stewart
          5th-T. Labonte


          • #6
            POLE: TLabonte
            LAPS: RWallace

            # 1 - RWallace
            # 2 - Johnson
            # 3 - Harvick
            # 4 - Busch
            # 5 - RGordon

            "I love Indianapolis. I love the people. I love everything about it....the tradition, the history." - Dan Wheldon


            • #7
              Pole - Newman
              Laps - Stewart
              1st - Stewart
              2nd - Newman
              3rd - J. Gordon
              4th - R. Wallace
              5th - E. Sadler
              "Remember, your kids can get student loans, but there's no such thing as a retirement loan."


              • #8
                Pole-Jeff Gordon
                Laps Led-Harvick
                1st-Kevin Harvick
                2nd-Rusty Wallace
                3rd-Tony Stewart
                4th-Dale Jr.
                5th-Jeff Gordon


                • #9
                  Pole - Tony Stewart
                  Laps - Dale Jr.

                  1. Tony Stewart
                  2. Harvick
                  3. Kurt Busch
                  4. Jeff Gordon
                  5. Kenseth
                  I'll see YOU at the races!


                  • #10
                    Well, I don't want work to cause me to miss the driver's meeting this week and face the points penalty.

                    So here are the picks a day early.

                    Pole: Ryan Newman
                    Laps: Tony Stewart

                    1st: Jeff Gordon
                    2nd: Tony Stewart
                    3rd: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
                    4th: Bobby Labonte
                    5th: Ryan Newman


                    • #11
                      Pole: Jeff Gordon
                      Laps: Jeff Gordon

                      1. Jeff Gordon
                      2. Tony Stewart
                      3. Ryan Newman
                      4. Jimmie Johnson
                      5. Jason Leffler
                      Marv Fish


                      • #12
                        Pole - Rusty
                        Laps - Jeffy

                        1. Jeffy
                        2. Stewart
                        3. Rusty
                        4. Kenseth
                        5. Newman


                        • #13
                          3rd:Rusty Wallace


                          • #14
                            Pole: Benson
                            LL: J Gordon
                            1st: J Gordon
                            2nd: Newman
                            3rd: Stewart
                            4th: Rudd
                            5th: Martin
                            "An emphasis was placed on drivers with road racing backgrounds which meant drivers from open wheel, oval track racing were at a disadvantage. That led Tony George to create the IRL." -Indy Review 1996


                            • #15
                              Pole: Busch
                              Laps: Stewart
                              1. Johnson
                              2. Stewart
                              3. Busch
                              4. Newman
                              4. Kenseth


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