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Will NASCAR want one of Cart's dates?

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  • Will NASCAR want one of Cart's dates?

    Assuming that Cart dies (not a stretch) would NASCAR be interested in taking one of their race dates? If so which one?

    Street races would be out. Road courses make some sense as NASCAR only has two but Cart only has 4 of them. Portland is in a market not served by NASCAR.

    Mid Ohio is a "sports car course" so maybe NASCAR is a natural fit there. Maybe not.

    NASCAR can have it's pick of domestic ovals (and doesn't care for the international ones).

    So there it is, Cart dies and it's entire schedule doesn't offer NASCAR anything to pick. Interesting.

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    In reality, they already have taken one. NASCAR takes a second Fontana race, CART is probably out.

    I don't think you'll see NASCAR going to a street festival. They can outdraw LB on any oval in the country.
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      Jayski recently posted the rumor of street races in Canada, Mexico or Australia. I don't believe anything of that, first of all they have markets in the US starved for a race. Also, there is too less room in the schedule already.


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        No schedule room.

        If there was I'd look at Portland though. . .
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          RPM2day? reported that CART was planning on running only one oval in 2004, so what Racewriter said about Fontana's second Cup date is true.

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            Myabe NASCAR takes the Fontana date in November and Darlington stays on Labor Day with LIGHTS. Remember, nothing is official until its official.
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              I wouldn't hold my breath on NASCAR picking up any more right turns. Most of the teams would rather lose the two they already have. But I've certainly been wrong before.
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