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  • Question!

    I know htis is a stupid question and I doubt that its ot there! But does anyone know if the press release is on the net when they announced the BY400 ?

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    I assume you're talking about the press conference they had at the Speedway Museum April 14, 1993.

    Pretty sure the internet wasn't used for anything like that until 1995, so it would have had to have been copied to a archive. I know I have an the old newspaper AP story, but it's buried in a million other newspapers that I have. Maybe this weekend I'll dig it out and post it here.

    Funny, I do recall the release saying it was a "400-lap" race...an obvious misprint in the urgency to get it out...it should have said "400-mile"


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      I figured the net was not around for that use then! I was nto sure if anyone could have added it to a site at some point. No need to go searching for it. I just thought it might be something interesting to read!


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        "it was a "400-lap"

        that be almost doing the doubleheader on mermorial weekend, 1000 miles
        "These guys generate some serious horsepower," Wallace said. "I wouldn't get out of an electric chair to get in one of these things."



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          Here is the original AP newspaper report....

          Thursday April 15, 1993

          Brickyard 400 will break speedway tradition

          INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Indianapolis Motor Speedway broke a tradition almost as old as the automotive age yesterday, announcing a NASCAR stock car race after eight decades dedicated soley to the Indianapolis 500.
          "There will be a NASCAR Winston Cup event here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway" on August 6, 1994, speedway president Tony George said.
          The 400-mile, 160-lap "Brickyard 400" bows to the tradition of the once all brick track;s name.
          "This is a great milestone in Winston Cup and NASCAR history," NASCAR president Bill France, Jr. said.
          The deal seemed almost certian last June when the speedway invited nine top NASCAR drivers to a tire test and opened the workout to the public, drawing more than 30,000.
          At the time, France and George, like their families' earlier generations, asked cordially - if cautiously - about uniting the speedway and NASCAR.
          Bill Elliott, who topped the 1992 test field with a 168 mph lap, said, "We're ready to come back."
          George refused to confirm a $2.5 million purse, reported by The Indianapolis Star, saying that and other details will be released later.
          The Saturday race date allows an extra day for rain, and the 400-lap limit creates an event that fits into a three-hour TV time slot, George said.
          The 400-mile distance aviods a clash with the distance of the Indy 500 and a tradition many fans jealously protect.
          Even some Indy drivers fretted that the presence of stockers tearing around the 2-1/2 mile oval would detract from the Indy mystique, and maybe its market.
          "Some were taken aback by the fact we would even consider it," George said.
          Forty years ago, George's grandfather, Tony Hulman, rebuffed France's father and his attempt to bring stock cars to the speedway. Both men have died.
          "Somewhere I think Gradpa and Big Bill are shaking hands and happy to see this day arrive," George said. The track has been home only to the 500 since 1911.

          Notice the one significant misprint "....and the 400-lap limit..."

          Without question, it should have read "...and the 400-mile limit..." or perhaps "...the 160-lap limit..."

          The press confrence, which featured Tony George, Bill France Jr., Darrell Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt, Bill Elliott, and Indianapolis Mayor Steven Goldsmith, was held at the Speedway museum on Wednesday April 14, 1993.
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