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Thanks Numbksull Broadcasting CO!

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  • Thanks Numbksull Broadcasting CO!

    Thanks a heck of a lot for that 2pm start, really appreciate being out in the sun in the heat of the day, just so some trouser stain on the west coast can see the race live, or so it doesn't affect some dumb tennis or golf show.

    The last two years were bad enough, being right in the heat of the day. And though the heat wasn't too bad, my little girl had had enough at about lap 120, having to sit around and wait for the start.

    Not to mention rolling home as late as we did, and the incredible traffic jam we saw on I-74 at the Illinois state line after dark.

    I guess the paying fan means absolutely nothing to NASCAR. Though, if the paying fans leave a lot of empty seats, I wonder if the leverage exists for those big TV contracts.

    Sorry for venting, but I am fed up with the late start for NBC. It is NOT NECESSARY.
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    Amen! You are not alone!


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      Totally, totally, totally agree. Further heated comments of mine may be seen in the "Venting" thread regarding this subject.


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