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Ward to the #30??

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  • Ward to the #30??

    Taken from jayski once again.
    UPDATE: Ward Burton is looking to get out of his contract with Bill Davis Racing, perhaps at the end of this season. Burton has one more year remaining on his deal with Davis but wants to get out of it early. He told The Associated Press that he and Davis are "looking at other options" for next season, and a team spokesperson confirmed that Burton was looking to leave. Davis had left the racetrack to head to Indianapolis Raceway Park for Saturday night's Busch Series race and was unavailable for comment. "I would love to get our differences straightened out, but I don't know if it's possible," Burton told The Associated Press. "It's just lack of respect and lack of communication.
    Ward has been awfully quiet this season. He'd certainly be a far sight better than the guys who have been in the #30 this year.
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    Looks all too likely to me. And Bill Davis wouldn't have to look far for a driver in the #22 car.


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