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  • SAFER placement

    When Larry Foyt hit the wall today it reminded me of when Kanaan hit the wall in the '02 Indy 500. Both times the wall was hit between the end of the SAFER in one turn and the beginning of the SAFER for the next turn.

    Why doesn't the SAFER continue for the entire short chute? Do we need any more evidence that cars hit there?

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    ...for one, it would narrow an already narrow strip of track. It would cause driver's, especially Cup driver's to scrub more speed for a tighter corner, and would guarantee only 1-groove.

    Two, most generally when a car hits in the middle of the short-chute, it's not hitting the wall at the speed and angle of the turns.
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      I'll buy reason two but I think neither reason are good enough to risk safety.


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        Blow up the current wall, move the new one back and place the SAFER where the current wall is. Won't effect the racing at all.
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