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Brickyard fans, be aware of construction

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  • Brickyard fans, be aware of construction

    After 'rewarding' the Hyperfix crew of $3 mil for finishing 'early,' road construction continues just south of the area known as Hyperfix (since it's not in that "zone" it removes them from blame) on southbound I-65 out of downtown. This affects eastbound I-70 where it turns south to I-65, and I-65 from north of downtown. It's lane restriction at its finest. Sound confusing? If you're going southbound on I-65 from downtown you'll be screwed. You can use I-465 to avoid it. Why it wasn't fixed during Hyperfix is beyond me.

    From the INDOT website:

    I-70 (EB) and (WB) right lane closed between McCarty Street and south split of Inner Loop until September 3, 2003 for pavement patching and overlay.

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    What!?!? You mean that they could have reworked thoes areas when the traffic was light due to no through traffic during "Hyper-fix" That would have made sense and NOT cause a traffic backup. HA HAHA - Where is your sense of humor (maybe you can develop it while sitting in the mile-long backup) The joke was on us and now we are just "HYPER"fixed. Somebody did not think this one through.
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      They are still a pert of Hyperfix, just not the big shut down. These areas that are currently being worked on could not have been done during the fix, as these were the lanes being used during Hyperfix to move traffic. Hyperfix Website

      FYI the Hyperfix is not done just Phase 1,2, and 4. The media did not report and INDOT did not communicate clearly enough exactly what Hyperfix was to the public, they said it was done when the split was reopened rather than saying it was a completion of early Phases. Fortunately I am in an industry and position to read more about what projects and work is going on. As the ramps that remained open during the fix are repaired the traffic will be bad off and on. The work I saw going yesterday was concrete patching and these lanes sould be opened by the weekend as this time of year patches only need about 4 hours of cure time before opening to traffic. I will double check info.
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