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Good for NASCAR,,, They Stopped the Shake Down...

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  • Good for NASCAR,,, They Stopped the Shake Down...

    Good for them, now lets do our best, to get some Black teams running... By the way, I think I am all for some type of Affirmative Action, I am just not sure about Jessie Jackson,,,,

    Look in the NHRA,,,, that's just great,,, and I mean great.... Makes one proud to be an American....
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    Yes,,, Yes,,, Tony,,,

    Your Grandfather was a friend of Roger Penske,,,

    Your Grandfather did business with Roger Penske,,, but

    Your Grandfather never trusted Roger Penske,,,

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    Personally, I'm for the more qualified getting "in" regardless of race.


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      Glad to see NASCAR decided to stand up and tell Jesse Jackson to take his shakedowns someplace else.

      But, the best way to become more accepted in the mainstream is to lose the perception that its an all white sport. One way to do that is to not keep fighting the civil war in the infield at every race. I don't understand southern heritage, I'm a Yankee. But having hundreds of stars and bars flying in the infield may (rightly or wrongly) send a bad message to the mainstream media and mainstream America.

      It doesn't upset me, but people love to be offended these days.


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        If NASCAR is important to blacks, then black businesses should step forward...no half azzed attempt like Cosby did at Indy...


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          wow, I agree with hdoaln.

          I'm all for qualified people being in the cars. I don't want to see any minorities in there just cause they are minorities. If they want to show how good they are, make it on their own abilities then they should do that. I don't see baseball or football making an effort to get more white or asian players in there. As for the marketing of it all, I think the companies would be missing a huge market if they didn't step up.

          I want chicken I want liver meow mix meow mix please deliver


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            There's basically nothing that can be done about it if NASCAR fans choose to fly the Stars and Bars. NASCAR can bar it from team vehicles, and maybe even from drivers' motorhomes, though that might be pushing it. But if hundreds of fans choose to put up those Confederate battle flags in the infield at a race, there ain't jack NASCAR can do to stop them without risking pizzing a lot of them off. It just ain't a battle worth fighting for NASCAR, so it's an issue best not raised.
            GO DANICA!!!


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