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OT - Tracing down history of Goodyear Tire

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  • OT - Tracing down history of Goodyear Tire

    Probably not Cup related, but stock car of some sort for sure. Does anyone know of a way to trace down any potential history for a Goodyear Eagle tire? Someone in my area has a used tire they are giving away and all they know of it is that it came off of a stock car at Iowa Speedway and they got it on June 2, 2012. Obviously this eliminates Cup, but this would keep Nationwide and the truck series as possible. I'm sure it's just off of an Arca or low level series or just one of the Driving Experience cars but curious if there's a way to trace down a tire in any way before I determine if I'm going to pick it up to do anything with it. It's got the yellow Goodyear #1 Eagle lettering on it. Either way, could be cool to do something with, but if could trace it down any further could be really cool.

    Just got the tire code....D6826 if that helps at all.

    Thanks for any possible ideas.
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    D6826 won't be much help if you hope to figure out who used it.

    That's just the tire compound number. It could help you narrow down what cars were using that tire and what corner it was used. RF, RR etc.

    I assume those numbers are very large on the sidewall

    I don't know if racing tires are like passenger tires but somewhere along the bead there could be a date stamp.

    It will be 3 digits like 102 or 032.

    First two digits are the week the tire was made. Last digit is the year.

    102 would be the 10th week of 2012
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      Since the Xfinity and Cup teams combined use about 800 tires on a race weekend, your Goodyear ain't exactly rare.


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        Well I can eliminate ARCA because they ran Hoosier Tires in 2012 and still do, just now branded General Tire. No NASCAR races took place on that date either. https://www.racing-reference.info/tracks/Iowa_Speedwayresearch


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