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Young Lions at Bristol,,, Great Show

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  • Young Lions at Bristol,,, Great Show

    For Me,,,

    It's Always Been About the Drivers,,,

    Aloha NASCAR Fans,,,

    Young Lions had a great showing at Bristol, in
    the Nationwide Race today,,, Great Race...

    "Young Money" finished second, with the
    "Wild Thing" winning the show... It was
    a great race, they ran two wide, high, low,
    and fast all day long...

    Ryan Blaney, was fourth, what great run, super
    talent... Ty Dillon, was sixth in the 3 Car... Chase
    Elliot was ninth, and then for his first start in a
    Nationwide car,,, Cale Conley ran one spot out
    of a top ten finish, that's with six Cup guys in
    the show... Cale, another great "Sprint Car" shoe,
    moving up to the "Big Time"... The kid looks
    like he's ten years old, what a great looking kid..
    I hope he get's a good ride in the future...

    These kid's move up from Sprint Cars and Midgets,
    where they learn, and have built a "foundation",
    running wheel to wheel... They learn "Car Control",
    "Feel" and the ability too WIN... They can run close
    to each other, nothing scares them, and they can
    fight and work traffic... They also learn how to win,
    that might be the most important part... They are
    just not a bunch of "Auto-Crosser's" running on
    some parking lot,,, spending Daddy's money...

    These Are Great Talents...

    For Me,,,
    It's Always Been About the Drivers,,,

    First It Was,,,

    "Mad Russian,,,
    "Tinley Park Express",,,
    "Lone Star JR",,,
    "Albuquerque Flash",,,

    And Of Course,,, The All Time Great,,,
    "Super Tex"

    Now It's:

    Now The Second "Coming",,,

    "Young Lions".

    Cale Conley,,, Great Talent

    Austin and Ty Dillon,,, Cowboy Hat Squad,,,

    "Young Money" ,,, "Winning"

    Today's,,, "Young Money",,, "

    The Elk Grove "Ninja

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    Yes,,, Yes,,, Tony,,,

    Your Grandfather was a friend of Roger Penske,,,

    Your Grandfather did business with Roger Penske,,, but

    Your Grandfather never trusted Roger Penske,,,

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    Kyle Busch is a driving fool! I like the to watch a driver who thinks first place is the only position...You know what you will get with him...
    Anyway the names are changing and some of them look better than the stale bread that is in the Cup series!


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      Staying close to Kyle is indeed an accomplishment and for sure makes a strong case for keeping Cup drivers in Nationwide.


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