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Watkins Glen---Nationwide on ABC

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  • Watkins Glen---Nationwide on ABC


    Watkins Glen,,, "Road Show"

    Sammy on the pole,,,
    He was also fast in practice,,,

    Kyle Larson 19th fast,,, he should improve,,,

    Penski Cars, qualify 1-3-5,,, those Fords are fast,,,

    Kyle Larson's long commute this weekend,,,1000
    miles each way... 6 trips at a minimum, by the
    time the "Nationals" are over... He won last night,,,

    But, tonight's the "Big Go" at the Knoxville Nationals...

    "Greatest Show on Dirt",,,,

    You can get free "Radio Coverage" of the Knoxville
    Nationals, and there is also a PPV option... The
    Free Radio Coverage,,, is just outstanding,,, it's like
    almost being there... You have to register,,, but
    that's no biggie...

    Links Posted Below...


    Sign-Up Link:

    PPV: " The Cushion"

    ALL-INCLUSIVE including Trophy Cup! LIVE & VOD MOTORSPORTS STREAMING 250+ Live Race Broadcasts per Year! *Don't want a Yearly Subscription, each race will have an individual PPV Option* ~ 410, 360, 305 & Non-Wing Sprint Cars ~ Micro Sprints & Outlaw Karts ~ Modifieds & Late Models ~ Original Programming DIRT DIVERSIFIED ** Subscription Questions, please email [email protected] for assistance

    Rowdy,,, big hit,,,
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    Yes,,, Yes,,, Tony,,,

    Your Grandfather was a friend of Roger Penske,,,

    Your Grandfather did business with Roger Penske,,, but

    Your Grandfather never trusted Roger Penske,,,

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    Congratulations to Brad Keslowski on his win. One-two sweep for Roger Penske.
    Very enjoyable race.
    Would Busch have made the race more exciting?


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      Originally posted by NoviVespa View Post
      Would Busch have made the race more exciting?
      I would think so. Although it was a good race he certainly would've been in the mix. From the in-car it sounded like he just tried to get the power down too early and too hard.

      Those cars for sure define using the entire track. Curbs? What curbs?
      To a New Yorker like yourself, a hero is some type of weird sandwich. Not some nut who takes on three Tigers!


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