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  • Congratulations!!

    Joey Lagano put it up front when it counted. Congratulations to Joey on the win a Chicagoland Motor Speedway.
    Enjoyable race.
    Surprise, a couple of blown engines in the race. Two blown, and one who lost oil pressure to blow the engine.

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    Penske 1-2.
    And over on the Indycar board they're criticizing Cindric....
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      Hornish seems to always salvage the worst finish possible for how he actually ran in the race. (And yes, 2nd was the worst finish possible for him in this one.)

      Why did he restart on the outside after hauling the mail from the inside previously? Dude gets a lot of speeding penalties too.

      However, Logano was fast on short runs all race, and was really fast on the last one.
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        The restart was Sam's undoing, I don't think it was giving me an autograph before the race. What he heard on the radio at that restart was , let's think big picture here. So I think that may have been a reminder that wrecking to win from second was the fool's move so he didn't go overboard to catch Joey. He had a faster car than Joey all day but falling behind on that restart gave the 22 open road and that always makes a car better. It was something to watch Sam methodically move from the back picking off one car at a time with little trouble. He got loose once in 2 but caught it and got back to it.
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