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Scalping Charlotte tickets-NOT a troll

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  • Scalping Charlotte tickets-NOT a troll

    Im still thinking of driving up to charlotte next weekend for the 500.

    Lowest price ticket on their website is $49.

    We're on a budget right now. that aint happenin'!

    I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience with buying from a scalper for less than face value at a race.

    Im wondering if I wait until the race is 5 or 10 laps old if I can wave a $10 bill at someone with a handful of tickets and they will cut their losses. Or maybe they will bite at that price before they go green?

    someone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
    Live like Dave

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    Tickets were all over 11E outside of Bristol for both races this year at $25 or so, I would expect tickets for CMS would be very easy to get for that & less on the streets at race time.


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      Kev, if I were still getting freebies like I used to, I would give you one. I have literally given extra tickets away, but unfortunately those days are gone.
      "It is sad that open-wheel racing has become a buy a ride situation, but it is what it is."


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        That's been my strategy for the Brickyard the last 3 years. 3 years ago, $30 for 4 main straight seats, 2 years ago $25 for one ticket, this year $40 for two first turn seats. Of course, you miss the festivities and the pace laps and maybe the first green flag lap, but you get to see the first restart.


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