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shop tours in Charlotte area

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  • shop tours in Charlotte area

    Step-son is on leave and with us for a few more days. We are about 70 miles South of Charlotte.

    Toying with the idea of taking him up to tour a shop or two during the day.

    Hes sort of a race fan. Used to go as often as possible when I was working the dirt tracks

    Seen a Busch race @ Dover

    Seen IRL @ Richmond

    Watched F-1 w/me in the past

    I doubt hed ever take the time to go to any race on his own but he "gets" racing so hed probably enjoy himself.

    My ?s are

    is it worth a trip?

    are any shops better to see than otherS?

    how much time does it take to tour a shop?
    Live like Dave

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    Its been a while since I have been down there but Moorseville is the place to go. North of Charlotte. Lakeside Park just west of 77 has many shops.

    Its like a playground down there.
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      Mooresville in on I-77 at the northern edge of what could be considered the Charlotte suburbs.


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        I've just been to two, last season. Penske, around Mooresville. When I went last year you could see Busch's cars from a walkway above, but that was about it. No view of his IndyCar or ALMS cars. Bill Davis Racing in High Point was very good. It was free and they'd let you walk right on the floor by the cars. They were heading to Indy that day for the Brickyard and even told my nephews they could walk in the haulers and check them out as well. They had a separate building for their trucks, but again, you had access to about everything. I know that HP is a little farther away than you might like, but it was a very good experience.


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          I've been to all of them.
          Most of the shops in Mooresville are kinda tight... not very friendly.
          The bigger teams more so. If you are in Mooresville (or hell on earth, as I call it), try the smaller teams - I once spent an hour talking with the guys in the Ted Musgrave's truck team. Couldn't even get anyone to say hello at Penske's place.
          Don't expect to get to go back into the actual shop, most of times it is a reception desk and a couple of show cars. Maybe not even hero cards.
          PPI here in Hickory was real open, also. Generally, the rule is the smaller the team and the farther away from Mooresville the better time you will have! Petty used to be in Randleman and it was the best ever.
          Go, have fun, but don't expect too much, and the traffic is a nightmare (worst I have ever seen, expect to spend 15 minutes turning left). The people aren't very friendly, either - no offense, but they are trying to turn an old Southern town into New York and it isn't working very well (everyone acts VERY arrogant towards people with (southern) "accents" as they call it - I could go on and on). As a rule, if you come in and demand to see the back, since you are from NJ, you won't be treated very well (sorry but it's the truth), but if you come in and talk to the receptionist and tell her you came from out-of-state to visit they will treat you incredibly well. (The main thing to remember is to be very respectful to everyone you meet.)
          Be sure to ask them where the best BBQ is and you will have a real treat! (BBQ with fries, cole slaw, huspuppies, and sweet tea - oh yum. PM me and I can give you some reccommendations!)


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            isnt working out like I planned today.

            10:40 and hes still asleep.

            oh well
            Live like Dave


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