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Old timers' Reunion

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  • Old timers' Reunion

    The 8th annual Columbus Speedway/25th St. Raceway Old Timers' Reunion will be held on Feb. 25 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This will be at the Bartholomew county 4-H Fairgrounds on Indiana State Road 11, 2 miles south of the Indiana 46/11 junction.

    The reunion will be in a new heated pavilion. Come to Columbus for bench racing, memorabilia, old racing movies, food, vintage race car display. Please bring your scrapbooks, photos and/or posters if you have any. Also there will be a flea market where you can buy or sell pictures, posters, programs, etc. Vendor tables are $10.

    Call Jerry Castor for more information at 812-346-3181 or at cell # 812-592-5010.

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      a bit more...

      What follows is from Ron Scheffel, who is, in addition to being Derek's dad, one of the organizers of this years' Reunion. I can't promise it, but D.O. may be there selling some videos.

      I just wanted to send all of you a reminder about our Columbus Old Timers Racing Reunion this Sat at the 4H Frgrds just a few miles south of Columbus on Ind 11. The scheduled hours will be from 11:00-6:00. Even though it is officially called an Old Timers event, it isn't just for old racers and fans!! We do try to lean toward having vintage type race cars on display, but it is our hope the younger racers and fans will enjoy seeing these historic vehicles and displays.

      Jerry Castor has lined up 25 cars for this years event and one go-kart. But the go-kart has a lot of Columbus interest, in that it is a replica of Tony Stewart's Dairy Queen go-kart that has been shown on TV so many times the past few years. We have also been told that his midget, the "Munchkin", that he drove to victory at Fort Wayne the last two years, will be coming as well. I was in the downtown DQ today to see the new mural that Bob Franke had painted on the wall a few weeks ago. I noticed that it had been autographed by Tony since I was there on Monday. Bob proudly told me that Tony was in yesterday to sign it for him. It is a real neat mural and will be a "must see" for all of Tony's fans.

      There are at least 10 real nice race cars scheduled to be at the reunion that I have never seen before, along with many of the very nice cars that we are lucky to have as regulars. Joie Ray, Buzz Rose, Greg Littleton, & Dave Argabright are all planning to be at the reunion and selling their books. Most of you know Joie & Dave, but be sure to check out Greg & Buzz. The latest book that Buzz has out, is about sprint cars from the 50s & 60s. It has so many great photos of our heroes of AAA/USAC and the West Coast. Just the painting on the cover let's those of us old enough to remember, what it would have been like to have seen O'Connor, Ruttman & Pappy Carter on the same track in their heyday!! Columbus's own Greg Littleton's book about all the roadsters ever ENTERED at THE speedway is just an amazing collection of pictures and info. I think Jerry said he has almost 20 tables rented for displays of personal collections of books, photos and memorabilia.

      But as most of you know, the most important thing at this event is The People!! It means a lot to all of us, just to get together with our friends and spend a few hours discussing our favorite pastime leading up to the season openers at the race tracks around this part of the country!!!! I hope to see you there.


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        Tim and I are headed down there to the OT Reunion, do you plan on attending or will you be "Haulin' the Mail"? (you could stop buy if your in the area!) We plan on getting there at 11:00, and are not sure how long we are staying. Plans are to head to Rodney Reynolds on the way home, although he said he might head down to the reunion for a while also.
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          I'll get off at 3:30 at the earliest. So if you and the Hamilton Hammer have to leave before then, I'll understand. Watch for a geek dressed in blue.


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            It was a great success...

            I showed up about 3:35 p.m. and there were quite a few people still there. Lots of great cars, collectibles, videos, you name it.

            I was told that earlier it was quite crowded on the floor with all the people that had showed up. Weather-wise we had a very decent day, though it was a bit breezy.

            I told D.O. that I'd "clocked out" at 3:30; refused to divulge when I stopped working. It was great to see my buddy Dave Foist back from Florida. Got to say hi to Butch Wilkerson, Kerry Norris, Fred Bruckner, George Seats, Salem Speedway's Barry Melrose (a big part of the fine safety crew down there) and his beautifully restored midget, Greg Littleton, and I talked quite a while with Broc Burton's dad Gary.

            Gary said that Broc will try a few different tracks this year, though they do plan to be at L'burg most every Saturday. A little birdie told me that Derek Scheffel may well have a ride in the Hurst Brothers' car this year after taking 2005 off.

            A huge thank you to organizers Jerry Castor and Ron Scheffel who have made this thing grow each year.


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              Missed you by 10 or 15 minutes Danny, Tim & I left at ~3:20 after Jerry read the hourly 50-50 number. We got there shortly after 11:00, and there was a good crown there already, and by noon there was a very good Crowd. Before leaving beautiful downtown Columbus we stopped and at the Brazier/DQ on 3rd street where Tony Stewart worked as a teen. They had a Tony Stewart mural on the wall, which Tony autographed last week. The DQ of course sponsored Tony's Go Kart, which was on Display at the Reunion. I heard that it was a replica and also heard it was the actually Kart Tony drove????

              Butch was surprised later in the afternoon when the Garage door was opened with a late arriving car, that being the number 1 that Butch drove at L'burg's Funfest last October. They re-presented the plaques that were given to him at Funfest. Butch of course had to climb back in the car, yelling out "Where's a Push Truck when you need one". I should be able to post some pictures in a day or two.

              Also seen at the reunion Donald Davidson, Larry Rice, Gary Lee, Joie Ray, Chris Coers, J.L. Brewer, Rodney Reynolds, Billy Moffatt, Paragon's Keith Ford, George Seats (got a nice HARF hat for $15), Racin' with DO, Barry & Lonnie with B&L, and plenty of other Old Timers I am not Familiar with. Plenty of nice cars as well.

              Danny, I did talk to Ron for quite a while, and Dave F for a bit, and spotted Frank H as well (he was not wearing his radio!)

              Great event, and the good weather always helps, although the temps dropped from the time we walked it, to the time we left.
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                Some Photos

                Butch climbed back in the B&L Motorsports #1 he drove at last years Funfest.

                One of the many cars on display

                Event organizer Jerry Castor interviews Butch as he was Re-Presented the plaques he received at Funfest.

                Joie Ray gets back in a Midget as he autographs the Instrument panel.

                Tony Stewart's #4 Brazier Dairy Queen GoKart
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                  With Joie is Barry Melrose, who owns that car. Barry is the 2nd cousin of the late Bruce Jacobi. You may also know of Barry if you've been to the Salem speedway. He is a safety worker there.

                  Great shots, KW.


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