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  • Publications?

    I was just curious about what racing and auto related publications you all subscribe to? There was a time when my mailbox was crammed full of magazines and papers, but I have dwindled my choises down for one reason or another... Here is my current list:

    Dick Berggren's "Speedway Illustrated" - I have subscribed to this magazine since the first issue was released. My subscription is set to expire and I will not be renewing. I'm tired of reading articles about Dale Earnhardt Jr. and NASCAR's "Drive for Diversity".

    "Area Auto Racing News" - Published by Lenny Sammons in New Jersey. This is a weekly paper that highlights racing in the Northeast, but also covers the National scene (NASCAR, USAC, WoO, etc.).

    "Pontiac High Performance" and "Pontiac Enthusiast" - Both magazines obviously feature Pontiacs...I'm a Pontiac guy!

    "Hemmings Motor News" - Mostly classifieds for classic cars and parts. This is one my resources for parts.
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    RACER and IndyCar magazines. Oops, wrong forum
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      "Sprint Car & Midget" and NSSN. Back in the day it was "Hot Rod", "Popular Hot Rodding", "Car Craft" and "Open Wheel".

      Open Wheel used to have GREAT tech articles.


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        I subscribe to Sprint Car & Midget; my dad and I "share" the NSSN subscription. I do generally buy Racer each month to see how the uppercrust lives.

        I used to subscribe to Dick Berggren's magazine; dropped it for much the same reasons as 17tobyracing74. I also used to subscribe to the former Winston Cup Scene but it got way too expensive & my Nascar interest isn't what it was several years ago.


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          I did subscribe to "Open Wheel" for many years, right up until its' demise. I also got "Stock Car Racing" until the publishing company change. I never really liked "Circle Track".

          Is "Sprint Car & Midget" worth reading?
          "In memory of #17 Ronnie & Dick "Toby" Tobias."


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            Dick Bergrens speedway Illustrated is all I get now
            I dont like it, & let the sub expire a long time ago, but he still sends it.

            Wouldnt read it if it werent free.

            Dont telll Dick!
            Live like Dave


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              Sprint Car & Midget is all that I subscribe to these days. I dropped Speedway Illustrated for the same reasons as the rest of you. NSSN had too many delivery problems, whether it was them or the p.o. didn't matter. I do miss AARN & might subscribe again in the near future. Everything else I need to know is available on the net.
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                I take RACER but it is too upper crust for me too. Dick B's. magazine is on its way out of this house too, despite some good writers in there like Mr. Boucier and Mrs. Standridge.

                Flat Out, Sprint Car and Midget, and NSSN all remain. NSSN covers most all of it.

                I've taken AARN in the past but didn't know very many of those guys. But...I may renew at some point. Those people in PA like their racin'.

                And slightly off topic....has anyone read any good (racing) books lately?


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                  Actually none anymore, use to get NSSN, my dad still does, and I use to get AARN and numerous others. Since the internet came along I found by the time I get these I've already heard about and it has been debated here. So now most of my racing news comes from TrackForum, the Williams Grove board and of course TSO and Jayski.

                  Is it May yet ?


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                    Hmm, if any of you Flat Out subscribers out there are done with any of your most recent issues, I would buy/pay shipping on a copy or two. I've had articles in I think the last three issues but I can't seem to get Justin to shake any loose for me.

                    Shoot me a note if so:

                    [email protected]

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                      I subscribe to NSSN, Sprint Car & Midget, Racer, and IndyCar (because I always get a free gift for subscribing). Sometimes I buy a copy of MotorSport, sometimes I just read it in the bookstore. I'll also occasionally buy a copy of magazines that focus on drag racing or even NASCAR. I've been thinking about getting Flat Out, but wish I could find it on the newsstand first.

                      The internet is fine for some things, but I really like being able to physically hold a newspaper or magazine. I'm also attracted to great writing and photography, which is usually better presented in books and magazines.
                      Paul Woods
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                        Quote from flyingpylon:

                        "The internet is fine for some things, but I really like being able to physically hold a newspaper or magazine. I'm also attracted to great writing and photography, which is usually better presented in books and magazines."

                        This is one of the main reasons that trade papers will never be replaced by the Internet.


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                          My mailman delivers to me................

                          NSSNews, Mid American Auto Racing News, Sprint Car & Midget Magazine, Vintage Oval Racing Magazine & as a Photo contributor I receive a complimentary issue of Flatout Illustrated.
                          It's a non wing thing...........................you wouldn't understand
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                            Originally posted by itsanonwingthing
                            My mailman delivers to me................

                            Guess we can figure out who isn't his mailman.


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                              Originally posted by DannyB
                              Guess we can figure out who isn't his mailman.
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