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  • More out of less....

    You see teams, drivers, etc. who don't have nearly the resources that other teams do yet they seem to do very well anyway.

    Can you think of any, at any level, but especially at your area short tracks?

    I'll start the bidding with.....Dickie Gaines, who used to show up late, with maybe 1 or 2 helpers, then end up coming from the B Main to do well and maybe even win once in a while.

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    John Wolfe and Kent Christian
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      Bart Grider
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        The first that comes to my mind is Van May. Van never ran with a big money team, but always ran strong and won more than his share of races.
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          Good choice, DavidM. I had only been thinking in the IN area. With Pa. in mind one simply cannot overlook Bobby Allen. His win at the 1990 Knoxville Nationals ranks at the top of the scale of "feel good" wins. I was never so happy for anyone in racing as I was for him then.
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            Bob McCreadie. King of the open trailer, and if the legend is true, didn't even have a garage at one time.
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              Have to mention our buddy Kevin Besecker.

              Though horsepower challenged he managed to win a track championship and a feature win this year.

              Kevin Briscoe without any major backing continues to own Bloomington Speedway.


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                Most of what I have seen lately has been the USAC folks and to me no one does more per dollar spent than Sharon Bank & Johnny Heydenreich in the Silver Crown series. Without looking, I think they have two Top Five points finishes in the last three years. And when the green flag drops the blue 90 is always going forward. They gained over 100 on track positions this year over the course of the season, only not improving their position from qualifying once out of ten races.

                In the sprints I am always impressed by Marc Jessup when he shows up at the track. It is usually just Marc, his dad and his girlfriend when I see them and he routinely runs in front of guys with more money in spares in their trailer than they have spent on their entire operation.

                Cole Carter is always quick in the midgets without a sponsored operation. He runs with the Stewart and Lewis cars on most nights whether it is dirt or pavement. If it weren't for mecahnical gremlins this year he would have been right up front in the ponts battle. My pick for the Midget Less with More race of the year though goes to Travis Miniea and the Margret Owens team who won at Anderson (I think) earlier this year. The first USAC win for Travis and the best run for that team in a long, long time.
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                  Originally posted by DannyB
                  You see teams, drivers, etc. who don't have nearly the resources that other teams do yet they seem to do very well anyway.
                  That explains the Ryan Newman juggernaut consisting of nothing but Dad/Mom/Sister that used to whoop our rear ends on a regular basis.

                  We had it all & they'd pull up in the family van with minimal tools & no spares, getting the job done in a most impressive way.


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                    someone beat me to Johnny Heydenreich, class act to boot!!!

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                      I guess I could be considered somewhat biased, but I'd have to put Rich Tobias, Jr. on this list. I know what our budget is and I know what a few of the "Top" teams in the Crown division have at their disposal...we run on less than 1/4 of the money other teams spend.

                      Up until this year, Rich finished 3 consecutive seasons in the Top-10 in the points standings, had a win at DuQuoin, five runner-up finishes, an outside pole, and is considered a contender at every dirt race. He was also named the "Rookie of the Race" twice in 1999 and "Most Improved Driver" in 2002.

                      So here's what we got...

                      Rich is one of less than a handful of drivers that still designs and builds his own chassis. Most of the bolt-on components are off of Rich's last self-built dirt modified, circa pre-1999 (take a look at his front hubs). We have a Don Ott engine that we originally had built in 1999 and a H&G Associates engine purchased from Gary Heiber when he stopped running fulltime.

                      Our hauler was fabbed by our crew chief (Andy Gowe) and Rich. The trailer is a converted Frito Lays delivery trailer. The tractor's crew cab has all been added after the fact.

                      We run on limited funds and all of our crew members are volunteers. Rich makes sure he stretches every dollar he has for racing... We race when we can and we always have fun.
                      "In memory of #17 Ronnie & Dick "Toby" Tobias."


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                        All good choices so far.

                        Just back from my annual Martinsville/NASCAR road trip.

                        After watching the trucks run on Saturday, I have to include Tracy Hines and his truck team. No sponsors that I could see, but he managed to stay on the same lap for the race, after going a lap down.

                        Rich, I'll always have good memories of that ex-potato chip van.

                        Johnny H is a class act. And always a great guy to talk with...or listen to. John does like to talk.

                        Huge 10-4 on Mark Jessup. I'd love to see one of the top USAC teams hire him. And I'd love to see K. Besecker get a chance at a better funded ride too.


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                          Great job! I always make it a point to look at Rich's car either before or after the races if I can. There's always some engineering additions to his car that make it unique. See you in May.


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                            Looking at the record some might doubt this but Glenn Fitzcharles in URC did a lot with less than most people thought.

                            The Roland Squibb & Don Kerr machines where winning mounts because of the time spent in the shop every night by the crew getting prepared for the upcoming weekend events.

                            Another URC stalwart that did a lot with the least was the late Bill Bauer. Usually only had one engine - but I do not ever remember the Bauer #75 missing an event becasue of engine failure.

                            In the modifieds I think of Jackie Hamilton as someone that did not have big bucks behind him but always turned in stellar drives with his four barrell. Yes, the extra money for first carb over the line really helped.

                            Really going back one whould have to say that Lucky Jordan got a lot out of his machines with very little money put into them. Some of the drivers that wheeled his mounts included: Jackie McLaughlin, Will Cagle, Al Tasnady, Bobby Pickell, and Dick Havens.


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