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The Silver Crown Plt Thickens?

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  • The Silver Crown Plt Thickens?

    Have this from Hoseheads via USACfans.com.....



    Indianapolis, Ind. --- Several veteran car owners are teams are organizing to form

    to form the NCS (National Championshipcar Series), which will promote existing front-

    engined champ cars on pavement in 2006 and beyond.

    The NCS plans to conduct a tour of races for former Silver Crown-type cars

    which conform to USAC’s 2005 rulebook, because effective 2006, USAC has announced

    significant changes to its Silver Crown division. The NCS is being created as a

    membership corporation. Each of the member race teams will own a share of the


    A general NCS membership meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. October 29, 2005 at

    the Brickyard Crossing Hotel in Speedway, Indiana. Teams interested in attending

    are asked to confirm so by writing to: NCS, Indianapolis Championship Series, 7915

    South Emerson Avenue, B-235, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46237-9708.

    The NCS is looking to book five or six race dates in 2005, with approximately

    100-lap features paying about $10,000 to win. But beyond that, much will

    change from the former USAC format. Drivers will qualify from heat races instead of

    time trials. They will draw for feature starting spots, instead of starting heads-up. And

    the NCS will have double file restarts until half-way and will have a post-race catered pit

    party where spectators and racers can interact. The goal is to make it fan-friendly,

    good-time entertainment.

    The NCS is being formed because the winds of change are altering the landscape

    of front-engined champ car racing for 2006. The United States Auto Club (USAC) and

    the International Speedway Corporation (ISC) have paired to introduce the “new

    generationâ€‌ Silver Crown car and series. With a new generation chassis and body style,

    USAC/ISC will take its new class to big tracks, usually in conjunction with NASCAR

    weekends. That leaves “old generationâ€‌ car owners, who do not wish to pursue the new

    superspeedway route, with no place to race. NCS is committed to schedule no events

    which conflict with the USAC/ISC new generation circuit. “We aren’t in competition

    with USAC and we look to work with Rollie (USAC President Rollie Helmling) to every

    reasonable extent,â€‌ said NCS car owner Mike Rosselli Sr. of Brodheadsville, Pa. “I

    believe that the NCS program will actually help USAC and ISC to get their “new

    generationâ€‌ idea going, because it will create a used car market for existing team owners

    looking to go the “new generationâ€‌ route.â€‌

    Because the race tracks which have traditionally hosted the “big cars,â€‌ like

    Phoenix, Milwaukee, and Richmond, are committed to the “new generationâ€‌ car and

    concept, NCS is looking to take its series to premier tracks which are between one-half

    and one-mile in length. There is a misconception by some people that the former Silver

    Crown pavement cars are too big for a short track. Twice in 2005, at Stafford Springs,

    Conn., on July 20 and at Oswego, N.Y. on October 15, NCS principals hosted a public

    demonstration of the cars at speed on a half-mile track. At both Stafford and Oswego, the

    front-engined champ cars looked good and ran well. That came as no surprise to team

    owner Gene Nolan of Edinburg, Ind. “Our cars have a 96-inch wheelbase, which is the

    same as the supermodifieds and less than the stock cars which run these places all the

    time, said Nolan. “No question that our cars can get around a short track.â€‌

    The front-engined champ cars have historically produced America’s greatest race

    drivers. In the past, the class gave racing A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Parnelli Jones, and

    the Unsers. Today the tradition continues: nine current NASCAR touring pros emerged

    from the division: Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Dave

    Blaney, Ken Schrader, J.J. Yeley, Aaron Fike, and Jason Leffler. “The NCS champ cars

    make the same horsepower as a (NASCAR) Cup car, but weigh half as much, and have

    very little downforce,â€‌ explained car owner Bobby Seymour of Boston, Mass. “The

    bottom line is that you have to be one heck of a driver to drive one. No wonder this

    division produces all of the A.J. Foyts and Jeff Gordons of the world.â€‌

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    The key to what this means for SC racing lies in the response of USAC. The NCS has made it clear that they want to work with USAC. They don't want to have conflicting dates. If USAC responds with a similar attitude then perhaps we are at the beginning of a great era for Silver Crown racing. If USAC responds with an attitude of being uncooperative and combative, then this might go the way of many sanctioning body "splits". Let's hope that USAC does the former.
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      Am I to take this, from the post above, to be a "typo"?: "The NCS is looking to book five or six race dates in 2005, with approximately 100-lap features paying about $10,000 to win."

      2005???? Don't they mean 2006?????

      One would think a "Press release" would be proof read, first.


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        Will this group run entirley on the East Coast? Like to see them at Winchester or Salem! Although most open wheelers won't come to Wincherster anymore, check the car count at last Sunday's race...
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          Originally posted by Highbanks
          Will this group run entirley on the East Coast? Like to see them at Winchester or Salem! Although most open wheelers won't come to Wincherster anymore, check the car count at last Sunday's race...
          Check the car count at the only Silver Crown race at Salem back around '89 or '90 - it was 14. My understanding is that they will try to run races wherever the right situation presents itself. That is to say the right facility, purse, and race date.
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            Man, book this with IRL at Texas and you'd have a serious party at the short track. I think there are some good possibilities here with some places like Humpy's short tracks, and a few of the under-utilized tracks like Milwaukee, Powercom Park, the new 7/8 mile in Iowa, etc.
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              Milwaukee is obligated to run the USAC new generation car. They are also limited to a very few race dates.
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