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Irwindale results

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  • Irwindale results

    Michael Lewis won the 40 lap sprint car main on the last lap over Aaron Pierce.

    Dave Steele won the 100 lap midget main. Lewis was second.

    It's way past my bedtime. Good thing I'm off tomorrow, I mean today.

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    Good fun! Sprints on pavement again prove to be an exciting combination.

    Another huge win for Dino Tomassi in the midgets with Dave Steele.

    Kind of depressing to listen to them talking about Lewis to Childress, Yeley to Gibbs, Hines to MOPAR/trucks, etc.

    Surprised not to see Stewart.

    Big congrats to Aaron Pierce and Tom Hessert in the sprints as well as Jerome Rodella and Steve Paden in the midgets. Great runs by some unheralded teams and drivers.

    Question - with so many big dogs leaving for NASCAR does it create a void of talent or does it create an opportunity for top teams and drivers running elsewhere to step in to the spotlight? An interesting year coming up in USAC for sure.
    Dan Schlosser
    Go fast, turn left !

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      Also.....29 Ford Focus Midgets were there with Ryan Pace winning their feature. 39 sprints and 39 midgets.

      Lewis made the sprint car feature the most exciting. Steele simply checked out.

      Dan, you make a good point, but it's called reality. On the IRL board there is much weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth for good reason. Bottom line is had the likes of Yeley hung around for an IRL ride, they'd have to bring a big check. In going south they get to cash checks instead. No matter what their decision, one cannot blame them. For now NASCAR is the 600 lb. gorilla. And like it or not, open wheel racing's politics, etc. did its share to help put the gorilla where it is. No, I don't like it either, but there it is.

      Best thing to do is enjoy the racing and try and forget the off-track B.S.

      Yes, there is no shortage of up and coming racers ready to move in where others were. Weep not for USAC; it's lookin' good for them, among others.


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        Western Speed Racing entered four cars (3 sprints and one midget) and wound up with first, fifth and sixth in the sprints and second in the midgets. Incidently, Lewis was actually in a new Eagle Sprint car, while Leffler was in the Eagle (renumbered as 60) that Lewis drove all year. Steele was in the Tony Stewart Eagle from last year and earlier this year. Quite a performance for the Fresno based team.
        A good race driver, given adequate seat time, can drive any well prepared racecar on any track surface or configuration at competitive speeds. Remember, I said a GOOD race driver!!!


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          Originally posted by gofastturnleft

          Kind of depressing to listen to them talking about Lewis to Childress, Yeley to Gibbs, Hines to MOPAR/trucks, etc.

          I believe Aaron Pierce said he was going to try to do some Silver crown and IPS next year??

          "I'd like to quit thinking of the present, like right now, as some minor, insignificant preamble to somethin' else."


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            It was very nice having the race on live for the first time. Saw the parade downtown Detroit in the a.m., then saw the Lions at Ford Field actually win a game, then my sister in law fed me, then got home in time to see live Turkey Nite.

            Really good racing thru out the fields. Good to see the young Beach boy (16) doing well.


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