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  • Eldora winner is

    The Haud wins the big bucks.
    Born Again Race Fan seen at

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    This race was truly one for the ages, as fans saw one of best nonwing races in history.
    Man this is killing me. Wish I saw it.

    Sounds like Dickie Gaines came close to bagging it. He still walked away with $100 grand.

    Congrats to Haud.


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      Congrats to Haud!

      Congrats to the "Wild Child" on his historical win...and a big thank you to Earl Baltes for putting together another memorable show at Eldora!
      "In memory of #17 Ronnie & Dick "Toby" Tobias."


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        Fantastic race.

        Gofast... you shoulda been there!!!

        I don't know if I can go back to the Big E ever again after that. The names and the depth of the C and B main were stellar. And then the A main... wow..........

        Still soaking it in... fantastic.


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          Wingers finished one-two! So much for the crutch theory!
          Have a very blessed day!


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            Hope somebody got this weekend on film
            documenatry style

            An open-wheel woodstock
            Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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              In all fairness, Haud is not exactly a wings only driver. Having said that... That 2nd place guy sure figured it out quick!


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                Originally posted by PHJIndy
                Wingers finished one-two! So much for the crutch theory!
                But those guys are great racers anyways. It's not like Johnny Johnson took off the wing and ran 1st or 2nd place! Besides, Jac was a non-wing driver before he ever put on the wing.
                If I were Ed Carpenter and you were a lady...


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                  A LOT of wing drivers have driven WITHOUT the wing, and won races! I don't remember a lot of the nonwing warriors winning winged races lately!
                  Have a very blessed day!


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                    NON-WING driver Steve Kinser has won 17 World of Outlaws Championships. That's how I look at it!
                    If I were Ed Carpenter and you were a lady...


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                      This was a great event with great racing. The adrenaline was probably flowing through the crowd as much as it was with the competitors. It would be a shame to ignore all that by making this thread an argument between wing and non-wing.
                      "The older I get, the faster I used to be!"


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                        Random Observations on MOPAR Million

                        What a show!!! Congrats to Haud! Thanks to Earl!

                        Things that were impressive:

                        Hoffman bunch taking Tracy Hines ride out in a basket after wild first heat tangle (He was slightly irritated with Darland ), thrashing all night and bringing back a car that Tracy brought from 21st to 8th.

                        All drivers (nine of them I think) walked away from flips, some nasty looking. The Jesse Hockett thrill show nearly removed the engine from the car.

                        Stevie Smith, said to be in his first sprint car (non-wing by definition) ride was GREAT. He said in an interview that he didn't know what he was doing. I ain't buying that. He never made a bobble in 2 days that I saw.

                        Russ Gamester last turn heat race pass moved "The Gas Man" Richard Griffin from a most desireable outside front row start to 19th position in the "A". And vice versa.

                        Eric Shively, Troy Rutherford, and Troy Cline were especially spectacular in several of the preliminary mains. They executed some passes that were breathtaking. Rutherford was having some sort of drive train problem that the Keith Kunz team worked feverishly to correct between each race.

                        Bud Kaeding's slide job pass on his Dad in the "B" was fun.

                        There were many other impressive things, too numerous to mention here but perhaps most impressive to me was our congenial moderator, DannyB. I met his son-in-law and Mrs. DannyB. Now those of you who have met the man or seen photos might say Danny comes in at about a 2 or 3 tops. I'm here to tell you, he married a 10. Now that's impressive.

                        Somewhat disappointing was:

                        Jay Drake missing the feature, not to mention my favorite Derek Davidson who was not helped by a terrible pill draw for qualifying position.

                        Great crowd, but not a total sellout. I sat behind some guys from New Jersey who said that many from the east had cancelled hotel
                        reservations due to Isabel concerns.

                        Billy Pauch and Richie Tobias didn't make it to Eldora. We were really hoping to see them run. It was reported that Pauch's replacement in the Gary Stanton #75, Don Droud had never seen the car or even met Stanton until walking into the pits Friday afternoon. He promptly dumped it in his heat but was back to run in the "B".

                        Hated to see Bud Kaeding late take out by turn 4 cement after bonzai run from 25th to top 10. Cost him a few thou.

                        Met TF'er jroche (briefly) but didn't get to converse due to distractions from racing activity. Looked around for him (and others, where were you grogg) much of Saturday with no luck.

                        BTW, those of you who have bothered to read this essay this far should know that when I rated DannyB a 2 or 3, I was in a generous mood. You also should get a hobby.

                        I'm in big trouble when the man gets back from vacation. Been nice posting here.
                        Last edited by FishBurger; 09-21-2003, 12:45 PM.
                        Marv Fish


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                          Hey Fishburger - thought you were being generious in rating Danny B a 2 or 3. Personally I would rate him a -4 or -5.

                          The only reason for this is that he claims he cannot understand people from PA. Thinks that us PA Dutchman talk funny.

                          And I always thought it was people from Long Island - is that part of New York - that talked funny.

                          Hey - Calinoff - I know - you at least know how to spell.


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                            Thanks for the report FB
                            Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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                              I'm not much of a Stevie Smith fan, but congrats for representing the winged drivers so well; and the fact that he started here in PA. Take that non-wing elitists.
                              "Freedom, just around the corner from you,
                              With truth so far off what good would it do?"

                              Bob Dylan- "Jokerman"


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