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  • THAT/USAC/SCRA results

    No big shock, as JJ Yeley checked out in the latter half of the race to win over Tony Elliott. Also up there was Jon Stanbrough, Cory Kruseman, and Tracy Hines. Not too sure about that order. Next to another Professor Joe siting, the big thrill was seeing Troy Rutherford advance from the non-qualifiers' race to about 6th place at the end.

    No Fishburger siting either, but itsanonwingthing was there and doing fine.

    52 cars and the whole thing was over by 11 p.m. NO rain!!!

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    I looked for Fishburger, based on his description but couldn't find him - seemed like a good crowd, lots of West Coast racing tees.

    Yes, Rutherford earned his money last night - he really had to work hard. Was Tony Elliott the victim of one too many restarts or was Yeley just playing with him?


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      SCRA has complete run down posted SCRA.com Results

      Here are the Feature results:
      FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. J.J. Yeley, 2. Tony Elliott, 3. Jon Stanbrough,
      4. Cory Kruseman, 5. Tracy Hines, 6. Jay Drake, 7. Troy Rutherford,
      8. Richard Griffin, 9. Derek Davidson, 10. Jerry Coons, Jr., 11. Jimmy Laser,12. Bob Ream, Jr., 13. Critter Malone, 14. Damion Gardner, 15. Levi Jones,16. Bud Kaeding, 17. Brian Hayden, 18. Mike Spencer, 19. Mat Neely,20. Charles Davis, Jr., 21. Rick Hayden, 22. Troy Cline.

      Seems to be a good night for the USAC Guys
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        After getting to watch Jon Stanbrough during Indy SprintWeek I've become a big fan of his.
        "If you don't do it this year, you'll be another year older when you do"



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          Great to see a "little" team match up so well against the big boys. I really think he could pull an upset with the Eldora Million.


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            Just back to the 'Burg, I'm terribly jealous of itsanonwingthing and others who are moving on over to Farmer City tonight, Springfield Sat. afternoon and Granite City Sat. night. I had to return home for yard mowing before a Sat. high school reunion and Sun. IRL race at Kentucky.

            Excellent racing at Terre Haute I thought. I was happy to see Derek Davidson win his heat and move up to ninth in the feature. That was the raciest I've seen him this year. Derek needed a good run (and some sleep as he has a new baby boy in the family) after a tough IN Sprint Week. Glad Mark Jessup was O.K. after sailing out of the park. Guess the bottom wore out for huggy pole runner Elliott. Once J.J. passed Tony he was long gone. Hated that Boston Reid had to scratch. Thought he might have something for them. I continue to be impressed by Illinois lad, Matt Neely. Looks to be a very mature racer especially given his youth.

            I didn't get visit with any TF folks. Looked up high for the Professor and for the signature Sprint Car HOF cap of itsanonwingthing. Checked the cheeseburger stand for DannyB. Had to hope that Liz, richie, Belanger99, et al would find me since I have no clue what to look for or where to find them. No luck at all. I was perched high (top row) of the Turn 4 uncovered stands, third aisle from far end. Ain't giving up. Gonna meet these folks yet.
            Marv Fish


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              I'm convinced that I should carry signs like people do in the airports. Trouble is I would need several signs for Fish, DannyB, Richie ... I'd have to be a giant centepede to carry them all.

              But I will meet you good folks yet. I'm going to try to make it to the 'burg tomorrow. Will they have the VARC vintage race cars there?

              BTW. If Jon Stanbrough wins the million next month I will be one happy race fan. He's one helluva good driver.


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                Saturday not meant to be

                I will pass on Lawreceburg. A friend of mine is having a party for birthday #50, little does he know. I'll try to make the next one in a couple weeks.


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                  I saw FishBurger go by my stand really moving at the end of the race. He was moving too fast for me to get down there to say Hi!

                  The local racers looked good. Elliot hasn't been running a full USAC schedule, but was the only one who could challenge JJ (for what challenge there was). He was clearly the second best in the field.

                  Stanbrough was running such a low line in 3/4 that once I thought he was running his left front (hiked way off the ground) along the upper rail of the guardrail.

                  Professor Joe
                  Lost in Indy

                  "So many of these guys know how to preserve their tires, how to handle traffic and how to win a race. They really deserve to be in Indy cars." - Bob East


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                    Sorry I couldn't make it home to Terre Haute last night.
                    Dave Steele Rocks!!!


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