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The Fox's Racing Journal, Week 18: Season Sum up - Onwards to 2014!

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  • The Fox's Racing Journal, Week 18: Season Sum up - Onwards to 2014!

    One of the matters regarding track plans for 2014 is up in the air and uncertain. But the things being discussed would make for interesting discussion, so pelase post your views.

    2013 finale:

    I obviously was not participating this week, but as there was a rescheduled sprint car race I figured I'd swing by as a spectator as well as to find out my final championship position.

    My final championship standing this year in the B-Mods is 9th of 18 cars that scored points. 13 of them were full-time entries. Quite a disappointing way to end after things so went so surprisingly well.

    All of the classes but the Compacts had their championships settled last week, and the Compact class race came down to the line. Sideways - the guy in second only needed to finish in front of the championship leader to steal the title and tried to pull an Earnhardt Sr on the title leader, but front-drive cars don't spin easily - particularly on the straight. The driver leading the points going into the night took the title.

    Aside from the compacts and the sprint cars, we had an Amateur Hour this week with the A-Mods and Crate Lates having 4 cautions each - compared to no cautions in the Compacts and one in the sprint cars.

    On the subject of sprint cars; While I tested a sprint car several years ago(it did not go well), I had never been to a sprint car race until last night. This was a non-championship race for 360 winged sprints.

    I'm still trying to get the dust out of my hair. It was not an overly dusty night at the track, but you wouldn't know that during the sprint car race. In front of me in the grandstands, two ladies were trying to watching through a towel which, when they shook the dirt off after the sprint feature, left a 1-inch pile of dust on the bleacher row in front of them.

    Fastest lap in those 360 winged sprints was 4/10 of a second off the outright lap record set in the early 1994 by a 410 winged sprint.

    2014 PLANS:


    The track is looking into getting, of all things, a BIG BLOCK Modified race next year. We're actually not too far from big block territory - in fact, seven years ago big blocks were a weekly division, but between the economy and being too far from the major big block tours for most drivers, they died out and were replaced by A-Mods just a year before Super Lates were dumped fro Crate Lates. Nonetheless they're looking into a one-off race for them next year.

    Also, they may get a round of the BOSS non-wing sprint cars. There has never been a non-wing sprint car race in this track's history.

    Addendum to the big block modifieds: There is talk of bringing them back weekly, but it is unlikely. The track owners have determined they need a fifth weekly division to maximize financial efficiency - five classes can be squeezed in easily on a Friday night with room for the occasional sixth class, and fans have voiced support for adding a fifth class. Big Blocks are in consideration because of a small but notable group of fans who think something more open should be the top class rather than crate engined late models. Big Blocks are a touch cheaper than Super Lates around here and we're closer to a Big Block tour(BRP Modified Tour) than any Super Late Model tours.

    Classes being seriously considered are: Big Block Modifieds or Big Block Sportsmans, Midgets, TQ Midgets/Micro Sprints, Slingshots, Legends, and dirt Karts. With a list this long to consider, it is unlikely a fifth class will debut next year.

    My team;

    We will be back in the B-Mods next year, most likely with the car we finished the year with. Over the offseason we will rebody it to current UMP A-Mod rules and will likely put improved suspension on it - while the car had good handling, it was extremely twitchy. It spent the entire end of the season trying to kill me. We'd like to get it handling good and stable.

    Engine-wise we're leaning towards running a V8 next year. The V6 served us well, but it needed way too much work between races.

    Some have said the track may not be open next year. This is unlikely; the current owner is a very successful businessman and as the promoter as well he can certainly keep the track open long enough to try a few things. Nonetheless, we are considering throwing together an asphalt E-Mod for a nearby Saturday night paved track - if the dirt track stays open as we expect, it can be a fallback for rainouts.

    2013 is done. Onwards to 2014!

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