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  • Racin' August 22-------

    USAC SOUTHWESTERN SPRINT (Special Event) RACE RESULTS: August 21, 2013 – Sapulpa, Oklahoma – Creek County Speedway – “Freedom Tour”

    FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Chris Bonneau (#78 Bonneau), 2. Josh Pelkey (#74 Williams), 3. Rick Ziehl (#41W Williams), 4. Tim Kent (#94L Kent), 5. Josh Stevens (#09 Stevens), 6. David Dutton (#23 Dutton), 7. Michael Curtis (#11C Turner/Wheeler), 8. Cody Brewer (#96 Brewer). NT

    SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Tye Mihocko (#5 Mihocko), 2. Matt Ward (#51 Ward), 3. Charles Davis Jr. (#50 Massey), 4. Blake Hahn (#17 Hahn), 5. Jamie McDonald (#3 McDonald), 6. Tom Lee (#53 Lee), 7. Mike Goodman (#4AM Goodman), 8. Mike Martin (#16 Martin). NT

    THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Jonathan Beason (#36 Beason), 2. Robert Sellers (#7S Sellers), 3. Kyle Clark (#9$ Clark), 4. Casey Wills (#31 Wills), 5. Tony Everhart (#55 Everhart), 6. Brian McClelland (#87F McClelland), 7. Harli White (#16W Martin). NT

    FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Shon Deskins (#20 Deskins), 2. Danny Smith (#5$ Smith), 3. Dustin Morgan (#93 Morgan), 4. Kevin Cummings (#97 Cummings), 5. Joe Wood Jr. (#03 Wood), 6. Koby Barksdale (#22 Barksdale), 7. Kyle Chady (#33 Chady). NT

    DASH: (6 laps) 1. Clark, 2. Deskins, 3. Bonneau, 4. Davis, 5. Sellers, 6. Mihocko, 7. Ward, 8. Beason. NT

    FIRST SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Wood, 2. Goodman, 3. Ziehl, 4. Kent, 5. Brewer, 6. McDonald, 7. Barksdale, 8. Curtis, 9. Lee. NT

    SECOND SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Hahn, 2. Dutton, 3. Martin, 4. Everhart, 5. Wills, 6. Cummings, 7. White. NT

    FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Danny Smith, 2. Josh Pelkey, 3. Jonathan Beason, 4. Charles Davis Jr., 5. Dustin Morgan, 6. Joe Wood Jr., 7. Blake Hahn, 8. Mike Goodman, 9. Shon Deskins, 10. Mike Martin, 11. Rick Ziehl, 12. Tim Kent, 13. Josh Stephens, 14. David Dutton, 15. Tye Mihocko, 16. Robert Sellers, 17. Chris Bonneau, 18. Kyle Clark, 19. Matt Ward, 20. Tony Everhart. NT
    **McClelland flipped during the third heat. Cummings flipped during the second semi. Clark flipped during the feature.

    FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-15 Clark, Laps 16-30 Smith.

    NEXT USAC SOUTHWESTERN SPRINT (Special Event) RACE: August 22 – Wichita, KS – 81 Speedway – “Freedom Tour”

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    Stefanik Is The Bristol Modified King
    by NSSN Staff

    BRISTOL, Tenn. – Mike Stefanik says he is coming to the end of the road, but showed his old form Wednesday night at Bristol Motor Speedway.

    The 55-year-old seven-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion took the lead from Todd Szegedy with 11 laps to go in the TitanRoof 150 and went on to collect his second win of the season in the annual combination event with the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. The victory also extended his Whelen Modified Tour career record for wins to 74.

    “I’m playing it cool right now, but I’m freaking out inside,” said Stefanik. “This is a huge, huge win in my career. This is right at the top of the list, if not the top.”

    Szegedy settled for second place for his second runner-up finish at Bristol in as many years. Ron Yuhas Jr. followed in third which equals his best career finish first established at Thompson (Conn.) Speedway in 2007. Whelen Modified Tour points leader Ryan Preece finished in the fourth position with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series competitor Ryan Newman just behind in fifth.

    Woody Pitkat, Eric Goodale, Justin Bonsignore, Burt Myers and Jimmy Zacharias completed the top 10. Myers was the top-finishing Southern Modified Tour competitor.

    Coors Light Pole Award winner Donny Lia led the first 91 circuits but was involved in an accident on Lap 92 and was scored in 30th in the final rundown.

    The race had three lead changes among four drivers with 10 caution periods. The race was shortened from the scheduled 150 laps to 135 due to time constraints.

    In the Whelen Modified Tour championship standings Preece extended his lead on Doug Coby to 28 points with four races to go in the season while George Brunnhoelzl III leads Kyle Ebersole by 20 tallies in the Southern Modified Tour season standings with Burt Myers trailing at 21 points off the pace.


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      Sodeman Controls Lou Blaney Memorial
      by Adam Fenwick

      HARTFORD, Ohio – Jack Sodeman Jr. claimed the biggest victory of his career on Tuesday when he captured the fifth annual Lou Blaney Memorial at Sharon Speedway.

      Sodeman was the last track champion when the sprint cars ran weekly at Sharon in 2010. Last season, Sodeman won the BOSS-sanctioned event in the first ever non-wing sprint race held on the speedway’s new three-eighths-mile oval. Tuesday night, Sodeman won the biggest race of his career by holding off Caleb Griffith in the 30-lap $5,000 to-win feature.

      “The motor started tightening up and smoking the last five laps,” said the 36-year-old North Jackson, Ohio, second generation racer. “I wanted to win this. It was either pull off or win $5,000. Either way the engine was going to need rebuilt so this $5,000 can go towards that. I have to thank everyone that helps out on the car to make this possible.”

      Sodeman rocketed into the lead past pole-sitter Carl Bowser on the start with Lee Jacobs getting past Dave Blaney. Sodeman quickly pulled away on lap two, while the battle was on for second with Bowser trying to fend off Jacobs. Lapped traffic came into play on lap five and two laps later Bowser closed in as did Jacobs and Griffith making it a four-car race for the lead.

      Griffith, who started fifth, was able to get by Jacobs for third on lap seven. Then on lap nine he pulled alongside Bowser and made the pass for second going down the backstretch entering turn three, while Jacobs followed in third as Bowser lost his momentum after contact with the fence. Griffith looked like he was on a mission as he tracked down Sodeman on lap 11, but his momentum was stopped when C.J., Jones got upside down in turn four with 11 laps scored.

      After starting third, Blaney had faded back to fifth at the start. Blaney was able to pass the fellow #10 of Bowser for fourth before the red; then when racing resumed flew around Jacobs for third. Blaney was gaining on Griffith each lap and caught him on lap 14. At this point Blaney had the fastest car on the track. On lap 16, Blaney made a bid to pass Griffith on the outside, but got too high slapping the turn one and two fence ending his night on the hook.

      After new track record holder Danny Holtgraver drew an invert eight, he was quiet in the first half of the event, but entered contention when he cracked the top five getting by Bowser when racing resumed on lap 16. Griffith stayed right with Sodeman as the laps ticked off. Griffith ran the low line while Sodeman powered around the top keeping his momentum and the lead.

      Lapped traffic came back into play on lap 21 as the battle heated up for third with Jacobs, Cole Duncan, and Holtgraver. Holtgraver grabbed fourth before the final stoppage of the event when Jimmy Pooler and Bob McMillin made contact on the frontstretch with a nasty flip ensuing in turn one. Both drivers were ok.

      Sodeman took back off in the lead when green replaced yellow. As the laps counted down, Griffith was getting faster and looked like he was setting up for a last lap pass. On the final lap, Griffith drove hard into turns three and four and got alongside Sodeman. It was a drag race down the frontstretch with Sodeman winning out by just 0.170 of a second! The victory was the 12th of Sodeman’s career at Sharon and came in the Rudzik Excavating/Economy Tooling-sponsored No. 94. Sodeman also became the fifth different Lou Blaney Memorial winner in as many events.

      Dave Murdick came out on top of a wild night of DIRTcar Big-Block Modified racing for his third straight win on the circuit. Like Sodeman, Murdick became the fifth different Lou Blaney Memorial winner in as many Modified events and pocketed $2,000 in the 30-lap BRP Tour-sanctioned, Governor Insurance Agency feature. Murdick’s win adds to some $3,700 won last weekend at Lernerville Speedway and Mercer Raceway Park.


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        Clauson: 14th to win with zero yellow flags

        MSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 22, 2013 – Kokomo, Indiana – Kokomo Speedway – “Sprint Car Smackdown 2”

        QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Justin Grant, 39, Walker-12.739; 2. Robert Ballou, 12x, Ballou-12.839; 3. Hunter Schuerenberg, 41, SST-12.851; 4. Chad Boespflug, 57, Hazen-12.916; 5. Dave Darland, 71p, Phillips-12.952; 6. Shane Cottle, 2, Epperson-12.953; 7. Daron Clayton, 35, Byram-12.954; 8. Jerry Coons Jr., 10E, Edison-12.958; 9. Tyler Courtney, 23c, Courtney-12.960; 10. Kevin Thomas Jr., 17RW, Dutcher/RW/Tri-Star-12.974; 11. Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-12.980; 12. Jarett Andretti, 18a, Andretti-13.008; 13. Tracy Hines, 4, Hines-13.047; 14. Gary Taylor, 40, Hery-13.056; 15. Scotty Weir, 18, Keen-13.091; 16. Jon Stanbrough, 66, Tate/Wade-13.097; 17. Bryan Clauson, 20, Stewart-13.126; 18. Chase Stockon, 32, 32 TBI-13.157; 19. Chris Windom, 11, Walker-13.215; 20. Wes McIntyre, 83, McIntyre-13.218; 21. Casey Shuman, 21k, Krockenberger-13.269; 22. Blake Fitzpatrick, 10, Fitzpatrick-13.289; 23. Christopher Bell, 67, Kunz-13.354; 24. Dakota Jackson, 3, Jackson-13.371; 25. Josh Spencer, 66J,
        Spencer-13.371; 26. Logan Jarrett, 29, Jarrett-13.387; 27. Thomas Meseraull, 5, Baldwin-13.485; 28. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-13.493; 29. Darren Hagen, 21x, Pollock-13.495; 30. Conner Donelson, 42, Donelson-13.519; 31. Chris Gurley, 12G, Team Automotive-13.565; 32. Dustin Smith, 77s, Smith-13.578; 33. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 3F, Fitzpatrick-13.583; 34. Nick Drake, 55, Cline-13.705; 35. Landon Simon, 24, Simon-13.728; 36. Travis Welpott, 18x, Gorman-14.313; 37. Billy Wease, 59p, Powell-14.346; 38. Ray Kenens, K9, Kenens-14.693.

        FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Clauson, 2. Hines, 3. Darland, 4. Shuman, 5. Courtney, 6. Spencer, 7. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 8. Wease, 9. Grant, 10. Hagen. NT

        SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Stockon, 2. Cottle, 3. Thomas, 4. Ballou, 5. Taylor, 6. Blake Fitzpatrick, 7. Jarett, 8. Donelson, 9. Drake, 10. Kenens. 2:14.29

        THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Windom, 2. Bacon, 3. Bell, 4. Weir, 5. Schuerenberg, 6. Clayton, 7. Gurley, 8. Meseraull, 9. Simon. NT

        FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Stanbrough, 2. McIntyre, 3. Coons, 4. Boespflug, 5. Jackson, 6. Andretti, 7. Smith, 8. Welpott. 2:16.31

        SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Clayton, 2. Meseraull, 3. Courtney, 4. Blake Fitzpatrick, 5. Taylor, 6. Hagen, 7. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 8. Jackson, 9. Andretti, 10. Drake, 11. Spencer, 12. Wease, 13. Simon, 14. Kenens, 15. Welpott, 16. Schuerenberg, 17. Donelson. NT

        FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Bryan Clauson, 2. Dave Darland, 3. Jon Stanbrough, 4. Brady Bacon, 5. Jerry Coons Jr., 6. Tyler Courtney, 7. Kevin Thomas Jr., 8. Robert Ballou, 9. Christopher Bell, 10. Chad Boespflug, 11. Shane Cottle, 12. Casey Shuman, 13. Chris Windom, 14. Darren Hagen, 15. Wes McIntyre, 16. Chase Stockon, 17. Scotty Weir, 18. Thomas Meseraull, 19. Blake Fitzpatrick, 20. Daron Clayton, 21. Tracy Hines, 22. Gary Taylor. 7:21.35
        **Andretti flipped during qualifying. Leary flipped during qualifying. Grant flipped during the first heat.

        FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lap 1 Coons, Laps 2-4 Thomas, Laps 5-22 Darland, Laps 23-30 Clauson.

        NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Darland-1,190, 2-Clauson-1,188, 3-Bacon-1,163, 4-Thomas-1,132, 5-Stockon-1,078, 6-Ballou-971, 7-Schuerenberg-952, 8-Hines-939, 9-Windom-774, 10-Cottle-746.

        NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: August 23 – Kokomo (IN) Speedway – “Sprint Car Smackdown 2”


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          Another win for Brady Short at Bloomington Speedway.


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            LUCAS OIL LATE MODELS – “Whiskey City 50”
            August 24, 2013 – Lawrenceburg, Indiana – Lawrenceburg Speedway

            Fast Time – 16 Justin Ratliff 14.426 seconds

            Heat 1 – 1. 11 Brad Neat, 2. 28 Eddie Carrier, Jr., 3. 0 Scott Bloomquist, 4. 32S Chad Stapleton, 5. 28E Dennis Erb, Jr., 6. 71C RJ Conley, 7. P1 Tim Prince, 8. 9I Steve Isenberg, DNS 16 Justin Ratliff, DNS 97 Mike Bechelli.

            Heat 2 – 1. 15 Steve Francis, 2. 20C Duane Chamberlain, 3. 20 Jimmy Owens, 4. 25S Scott James, 5. D8 Dustin Linville, 6. 21JR Billy Moyer, Jr., 7. 58X Gary Christian, 8. 55R Jeff Raisor, 9. 99 Bill Sheets.

            Heat 3 – 1. 5 Jared Landers, 2. 18K Brandon Kinzer, 3. 5J Eric Jacobsen, 4. 44 Earl Pearson, Jr., 5. 15J Greg Johnson, 6. 9T Tim Isenberg, 7. 84 Bill Blair, Jr., 8. 37S Rick Slayback, 9. 23 John Blankenship.

            B Main – 1. 23 John Blankenship, 2. 16 Justin Ratliff, 3. 99 Bill Sheets, 4. 58X Gary Christian, 5. 9I Steve Isenberg, 6. 84 Bill Blair, Jr., 7. 37S Rick Slayback, 8. 55R Jeff Raisor, 9. 97 Mike Bechelli, DNS P1 Tim Prince.

            Feature – 1. 15 Steve Francis, 2. 11 Brad Neat, 3. 20 Jimmy Owens, 4. 5 Jared Landers, 5. 23 John Blankenship, 6. 15J Greg Johnson, 7. 44 Earl Pearson, Jr., 8. 25S Scott James, 9. D8 Dustin Linville, 10. 9T Tim Isenberg, 11. 18K Brandon Kinzer, 12. 28E Dennis Erb, Jr., 13. 0 Scott Bloomquist, 14. 5J Eric Jacobsen, 15. 32S Chad Stapleton, 16. 20C Duane Chamberlain, 17. 9I Steve Isenberg, 18. 16 Justin Ratliff, 19. 28 Eddie Carrier, Jr., 20. 21JR Billy Moyer, Jr., 21. 71C RJ Conley, 22. 58X Gary Christian, 23. 84 Bill Blair, Jr., 24. 99 Bill Sheets.

            Lap Leaders – 1-11 Steve Francis, 12-15 Duane Chamberlain, 16 Steve Francis, 17 Duane Chamberlain, 18-50 Steve Francis

            Hard Charger – John Blankenship (+14)

            Winning Margin – 0.811 seconds

            Fastest Lap of the Race – Lap 7 Earl Pearson, Jr. 15.669 seconds (86.157 mph)


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              Dallas Hewitt notches win #5 besting runner up Kyle Simon.


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                Madden Holds Off Ogle, Wins Scorcher at Volunteer Speedway

                BULLS GAP, TN (August 22, 2013) - Chris Madden held off defending Scorcher winner, Billy Ogle Jr. to win the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series event on Thursday Night at Volunteer Speedway. Madden led all 50 laps for the $10,000 victory. The win marked his second series win of the season. Ogle stayed within striking distance of Madden over the last half of the race, but Madden proved to be too strong. For the third consecutive LOLMDS event, Dale McDowell finished third. Scott Bloomquist came home fourth, followed by 5-time track champion, Vic Hill.

                "That was a demanding 50 laps! Joe (Loven) gave us a heck of a racetrack tonight; I thought it was in better shape tonight than it has been in a long time! I slowed up for a little bit, and I couldn't figure out why I was so loose getting into the corners," said the driver of the Clements Racing Engines, Bloomquist Race Cars Chevrolet.

                "I had a great race car tonight, and we just picked up where we left off at Batesville last week. We made a few adjustments and the car was awesome from the time we unloaded it! I have to thank Century Plastics, Hamricks of Gaffney, Cushman Paint and Body, Henderson Amusement, Hoosier, Ohlins, and everybody else who helps out," said the 38-year-old racer who recorded his fourth career LOLMDS win.

                The most serious incident happened when point's leader Jimmy Owens slowed on the frontstretch with a flat tire on lap 12 and several drivers piled-up in turn two. Don O'Neal tumbled down the track. O'Neal was checked out as a precautionary measure.

                Ogle made the move for second when he past McDowell on lap 24 and then hounded Madden the rest of the distance. "I tried to cut the corners on him (Madden), but he was just too strong tonight. I thought maybe starting on the front row, we could win this race two years in a row, but it wasn't meant to be. Congrats to him on the win!" said the driver of the Blount Excavating, Rocket Chassis entry.

                McDowell had to fight off Bloomquist over the last part of the race to finish third. "I had a good race with Scott tonight and held him off. We are going to keep digging and get us a victory soon," said the driver of the Team Dillon Warrior Race Cars Chevrolet.

                Completing the top ten were Eddie Carrier Jr., John Blankenship, Jimmy Owens, Steve Francis, and Dennis Erb Jr.


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                  USAC SOUTHWESTERN SPRINT (Special Event) RACE RESULTS: August 22, 2013 – Wichita, Kansas – 81 Speedway – “Freedom Tour”

                  FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Rick Ziehl (#41W Williams), 2. Mike Martin (#16 Martin), 3. Don Droud Jr. (#1X Droud), 4. Michelle Decker (#7 Decker), 5. Jordon Weaver (#92 Weaver), 6. Tom Lee (#53 Lee), 7. Tye Mihocko (#5 Micohco), 8. Jeff Lowery (#45 Lowery), 9. Forrest Sutherland (#85 Sutherland). NT

                  SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Josh Stevens (#09 Stevens), 2. Shon Deskins (#20 Deskins), 3. Danny Smith (#5$ Smith), 4. Cody Brewer (#96 Brewer), 5. Mike Peters (#51 Peters), 6. Zach Blurton (#2J Blurton), 7. Kevin Barksdale (#22K Barksdale), 8. Harli White (#16W Martin), 9. Koby Barksdale (#22 Barksdale). NT

                  THIRD HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Charles Davis Jr. (#50 Massey), 2. Jeremy Campbell (#10C Campbell), 3. Josh Pelkey (#74 Williams), 4. Chris Bonneau (#78 Bonneau), 5. Joe Wood Jr. (#03 Wood), 6. Tony Everhart (#55 Everhart), 7. Michael Curtis (#11C Turner/Wheeler), 8. Gavin Stout (#15 Stout), 9. Kasey Beckham (#3B Beckham). NT

                  DASH: (6 laps) 1. Smith, 2. Ziehl, 3. Campbell, 4. Pelkey, 5. Stevens, 6. Martin, 7. Davis, 8. Deskins. NT

                  SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Mihocko, 2. Curtis, 3. White, 4. Lowery, 5. Everhart, 6. Blurton, 7. Stout, 8. Ke.Barksdale, 9. Sutherland, 10. Ko.Barksdale. NT

                  FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Rick Ziehl, 2. Charles Davis Jr., 3. Josh Pelkey, 4. Jeremy Campbell, 5. Mike Martin, 6. Joe Wood Jr., 7. Harli White, 8. Josh Stevens, 9. Chris Bonneau, 10. Don Droud Jr., 11. Mike Peters, 12. Jeff Lowey, 13. Michael Curtis, 14. Jordon Weaver, 15. Tom Lee, 16. Cody Brewer, 17. Shon Deskins, 18. Michelle Decker, 19. Tye Mihocko, 20. Danny Smith. NT
                  **Ko.Barksdale and White flipped during the second heat. Mihocko flipped during the feature.

                  FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-2 Smith, Laps 3-30 Ziehl.

                  NEXT USAC SOUTHWESTERN SPRINT (Special Event) RACE: August 23 – Dodge City (KS) Raceway Park – “Freedom Tour”


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                    AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 23, 2013 – Kokomo, Indiana – Kokomo Speedway – “Sprint Car Smackdown 2”

                    QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Dave Darland, 71p, Phillips-12.618; 2. Brady Bacon, 69, Dynamics-12.798; 3. Scotty Weir, 18, Keen-12.844; 4. Nick Drake, 55, Cline-12.851; 5. Chad Boespflug, 57, Hazen-12.863; 6. Chase Stockon, 32, 32 TBI-12.938; 7. Christopher Bell, 67, Kunz-12.953; 8. Wes McIntyre, 83, McIntyre-13.037; 9. Gary Taylor, 40, Hery-13.047; 10. Daron Clayton, 35, Byram-13.092; 11. Kevin Thomas Jr., 17RW, Dutcher/RW/Tri-Star-13.130; 12. Bryan Clauson, 20, Stewart/Curb-Agajanian-13.173; 13. Tracy Hines, 4, Hines-13.177; 14. Robert Ballou, 12x, Ballou-13.189; 15. Casey Shuman, 21k, Krockenberger-13.195; 16. Dakota Jackson, 3, Jackson-13.201; 17. Jon Stanbrough, 66, Tate/Wade-13.204; 18. Hunter Schuerenberg, 41, SST-13.206; 19. Chris Windom, 11, Walker-13.271; 20. Logan Jarrett, 29, Jarrett-13.299; 21. Thomas Meseraull, 5, Baldwin-13.301; 22. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-13.331; 23. Jerry Coons Jr., 10E, Edison-13.337; 24. Tyler Courtney, 23c, Courtney-13.370; 25. Blake Fitzpatrick, 10,
                    Fitzpatrick-13.384; 26. Kyle Robbins, 17R, Robbins-13.431; 27. Darren Hagen, 21x, Pollock-13.476; 28. Chris Gurley, 12G, Team Automotive-13.482; 29. Todd Keen, 18x, Keen-13.562; 30. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 3F, Fitzpatrick-13.585; 31. Dustin Smith, 77s, Smith-13.708; 32. Josh Spencer, 66J, Spencer-13.950; 33. Jarett Andretti, 18a, Andretti-14.278; 34. Ray Kenens, K9, Kenens-14.793; 35. Billy Wease, 59p, Powell-14.411; 36. Shane Cottle, 2, Epperson-NT.

                    FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Stanbrough, 2. Hines, 3. Darland, 4. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 5. Taylor, 6. Robbins, 7. Boespflug, 8. Meseraull, 9. Wease. NT

                    SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Schuerenberg, 2. Bacon, 3. Stockon, 4. Leary, 5. Clayton, 6. Ballou, 7. Smith, 8. Hagen, 9. Kenens. 2:15.42

                    THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Thomas, 2. Windom, 3. Bell, 4. Courtney, 5. Cottle, 6. Weir, 7. Gurley, 8. Shuman, 9. Spencer. NT

                    FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Blake Fitzpatrick, 2. Clauson, 3. Jackson, 4. McIntyre, 5. Jarrett, 6. Drake, 7. Andretti, 8. Keen. 2:16.33

                    SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Cottle, 2. Weir, 3. Shuman, 4. Ballou, 5. Boespflug, 6. Meseraull, 7. Jarrett, 8. Drake, 9. Keen, 10. Taylor, 11. Gurley, 12. Andretti, 13. Robbins, 14. Hagen, 15. Kenens, 16. Clayton, 17. Spencer, 18. Smith, 19. Wease. NT

                    FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Dave Darland, 2. Chase Stockon, 3. Brady Bacon, 4. Bryan Clauson, 5. Shane Cottle, 6. Tracy Hines, 7. Chris Windom, 8. Casey Shuman, 9. Scotty Weir, 10. Robert Ballou, 11. Chad Boespflug, 12. Tyler Courtney, 13. Wes McIntyre, 14. Jon Stanbrough, 15. Dakota Jackson, 16. Blake Fitzpatrick, 17. C.J. Leary, 18. Thomas Meseraull, 19. Hunter Schuerenberg, 20. Daron Clayton, 21. Christopher Bell, 22. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 23. Kevin Thomas Jr. NT
                    **Bell flipped on lap 18 of the feature. Meseraull flipped on lap 26 of the feature.

                    FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-18 Thomas, Laps 19-30 Darland.

                    NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Darland-1,262, 2-Clauson-1,246, 3-Bacon-1,229, 4-Thomas-1,153, 5-Stockon-1,142, 6-Ballou-1,005, 7-Hines-991, 8-Schuerenberg-975, 9-Windom-823, 10-Cottle-798.

                    NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: August 24 – Kokomo (IN) Speedway – “Sprint Car Smackdown 2”


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                      USAC SOUTHWESTERN SPRINT (Special Event) RACE RESULTS: August 23, 2013 – Dodge City, Kansas – Dodge City Raceway Park – “Freedom Tour”

                      FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Josh Pelkey (#74 Williams), 2. Chris Bonneau (#78 Bonneau), 3. Michelle Decker (#7 Decker), 4. Tye Mihocko (#5 Mihocko), 5. Tom Lee (#53 Lee), 6. Koby Barksdale (#22 Barksdale), 7. Raymond Seeman (#72 Seeman). NT

                      SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Mike Martin (#16 Martin), 2. Charles Davis Jr. (#50 Massey), 3. Don Droud Jr. (#1X Droud), 4. Harli White (#16W Martin), 5. Michael Curtis (#11C Turner/Wheeler), 6. Zach Blurton (#2J Blurton). NT

                      THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Rick Ziehl (#41W Williams), 2. Shon Deskins (#20 Deskins), 3. Jordan Weaver (#92 Weaver), 4. Jeff Lowery (#45 Lowery), 5. Tony Everhart (#55 Everhart), 6. Kevin Barksdale (#22K Barksdale). NT

                      DASH: (6 laps) 1. Ziehl, 2. Bonneau, 3. Pelkey, 4. Martin, 5. Davis, 6. Decker, 7. Deskins, 8. Weaver. NT

                      FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Charles Davis Jr., 2. Josh Pelkey, 3. Harli White, 4. Jeff Lowery, 5. Koby Barksdale, 6. Michelle Decker, 7. Zach Blurton, 8. Tye Mihocko, 9. Chris Bonneau, 10. Tom Lee, 11. Tony Everhart, 12. Don Droud Jr., 13. Rick Ziehl, 14. Shon Deskins, 15. Mike Martin, 16. Michael Curtis, 17. Jordan Weaver, 18. Kevin Barksdale, 19. Raymond Seeman. NT
                      **Weaver, Martin, and Deskins flipped during the feature.

                      FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-9 Ziehl, Laps 10-15 Pelkey, Laps 16-30 Davis.

                      NEXT USAC SOUTHWESTERN SPRINT (Special Event) RACE: August 24 – Dodge City (KS) Raceway Park – “Freedom Tour”


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                        Lanigan Notches 50th WoO LMS Triumph
                        by NSSN Staff

                        LITTLE VALLEY, N.Y. – Darrell Lanigan showed the fast way around Little Valley Speedway for the second consecutive year, leading all 50 laps of Thursday night’s World of Outlaws Late Model Series A-Main for his milestone 50th career win on the national tour.

                        But while Lanigan cruised alone out front for virtually the entire distance to score his series-leading ninth triumph of 2013, his final margin of victory was a slight 0.377 of a second. That’s because Dan Stone made a gallant late-race charge, overtaking both Rick Eckert and Josh Richards over the final seven circuits and closing within a car length of Lanigan at the checkered flag.

                        Richards settled for third place after starting from the pole position, maintaining his comfortable lead in the WoO LMS points standings with 11 races remaining on the schedule. The two-time series champion ended the night with a 62-point advantage over Lanigan, who moved past Shane Clanton for second in the title battle.

                        Clanton stayed within two points of Lanigan in the standings by finishing fourth after rallying from a lap-six bounce over the inside berm in turn two that caused him to fall from fourth to eighth in the running order. Eckert settled for fifth after climbing as high as second early in the distance.

                        Lanigan, 43, almost precisely duplicated his run to victory in last year’s inaugural WoO LMS event at the paper-clip-shaped half-mile oval. He once again roared off the outside pole to pace the field from start to finish, earning himself a $10,650 payoff.

                        The defending WoO LMS champion even was back behind the wheel of the Rocket car he used for much of his record-breaking success on last year’s tour. The machine was knocked out of action in June by serious damage it sustained in a heat-race crash during the DIRTcar UMP-sanctioned Dream weekend at Ohio’s Eldora Speedway, but Lanigan decided to fix it up because he hasn’t been totally satisfied with the performance of two new cars he has been campaigning this summer.

                        “We just finally made a couple weeks time and got it back together this week,” Lanigan said of the car, which needed new front and rear clips. “We rebuilt the whole car and got it back to new, and it’s definitely back to where it was. Sometimes you get a good car, a car you really like, and this is definitely one of the good ones.”

                        After beating the polesitting Richards, 25, to the first turn to grab the lead at the initial green flag, Lanigan dominated most of the race, building an edge of as much as a half-straightaway. He was never seriously challenged, but Stone did threaten him.

                        Stone, 37, settled into fourth place early in the A-Main after starting sixth. He was still running in the position with 10 laps to go when he began tossing his Rocket car around the top side of Little Valley’s tight corners. He passed Eckert for third on lap 43, overtook Richards for second on lap 45 and erased Lanigan’s two-second lead before running out of time.

                        “I knew somebody was coming,” said Lanigan. “I looked at the board and knew it was a different car (than had been in the top three throughout the race). I just kind of figured (Stone) had a harder tire on, but I come to find out that he was just running a different groove. I guess he found that high groove before anybody else did. I didn’t even think about going up there. It seemed crumbly to me, but he definitely got up there and made it work.

                        “It’s kind of hard to tell where the guy is behind you and what he’s doing,” he continued, “but I knew if I just ran my line on the bottom it was gonna be hard to pass.”

                        Beating Stone to the finish line put Lanigan in the WoO LMS history book as the first driver to win 50 A-Mains.

                        “That’s a big accomplishment to get 50 wins,” said the preternaturally calm Lanigan. “That’s definitely a bunch of wins (with) the Outlaws.”

                        Stone, meanwhile, was happy with his second runner-up finish of 2013 on the WoO LMS after taking just a bit too long to get rolling.

                        “I didn’t get tired midway through the race, but I kind of got hypnotized or something running behind those guys and wasn’t running where I needed to be,” said Stone, who owns two career WoO LMS A-Main victories. “Once we caught that lapped traffic I tried (the outside lane) and I was like, ‘Ugh! I should’ve been here the whole time.’

                        “We really ran Lanigan down after getting to second. I can’t believe it. Maybe two more laps would’ve been enough, but 50 laps should be long enough so congratulations to him – man, he’s just good everywhere he goes.

                        “To be running up there,” he added, “we’re definitely happy. It’s a good night of pay for us.”

                        Tim McCreadie of Watertown, N.Y., finished sixth after battling closely with Clanton and Eckert during the race’s final circuits. Bub McCool of Vicksburg, Miss., advanced from the 20th starting spot to place seventh; WoO LMS rookie points leader Eric Wells of Hazard, Ky., was eighth; Dutch Davies of Warren, Pa., was the highest-finishing local driver in ninth; and Jason Dupont of Cyclone, Pa., rounded out the top 10.

                        Just two caution flags slowed the event. Clint Smith of Senoia, Ga., brought out the first yellow flag on lap 11 when he stopped with terminal mechanical trouble on, and Mike Knight of Ripley, N.Y., relinquished fourth place on lap 16 due to a parts failure.

                        Clanton topped the evening’s 28-car field in Ohlins Shocks Time Trials, earning his second fast-time honor of 2013 with a lap of 21.867 seconds.


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                          Crawley Returns To ASCS Victory Lane
                          by NSSN Staff

                          LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For the seventeenth time in 2013, the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MAVTV American Real found a different winner with Tim Crawley working from fourth to pick up his 44th career victory with the national arm of the ASCS Nation.

                          Asked how sweet it was to get back in victory lane against the Lucas Oil ASCS, Crawley replied, “I wish we could pick up enough sponsorship to get back out here and run the whole deal cause it’s nice to be back in victory lane against the National Tour, especially here at home in Little Rock.”

                          The three time Lucas Oil ASCS national champion found the lead with a high side pass on Cody Gardner on Lap 3 to score his first victory since 2011 with the Lucas Oil ASCS.

                          Making his twenty-first Lucas Oil ASCS appearance, Cody Gardner held off the charging Jeff Swindell for his first podium finish against the National Tour.

                          “I think we only finished like three of these deals out all twenty-one of them,” chuckled the Arkansas driver about his first podium finish against the Lucas Oil ASCS. “We’ll take this one. Tim got it won. We’re keeping the money right here in Little Rock tonight so I’m pumped about that.”

                          Finding slower traffic by lap eight, the caution would be displayed on lap 13 as Sam Hafertepe, Jr. and Derek Hagar spun after making contact while battling for third. The caution was called for, but neither driver stopped, allowed Hagar to be lined up eleventh and Hafertepe seventh for the restart.

                          Restarting third, Jeff Swindell ran the remaining distance on the back bumper of Cody Gardner before settling for the show position. His thirteenth podium finish of 2013, Swindell tried every line possible to get around the No. 1g.

                          “I knew Cody was going to be stuck on the bottom and he wasn’t moving. He’s been running this place long enough; he wasn’t going to miss that corner,” Swindell said. “That was pretty much all we had. I got to the bottom there kind of early on, but wasn’t really making any ground. Tried the top and just couldn’t hold it so I started going everywhere I could.”

                          Derek Hagar rebounded to finish fourth followed by Sam Hafertepe, Jr. in fifth. Brad Loyet crossed sixth, tying his best finish at the I-30 Speedway with Tony Bruce, Jr. from tenth to finish seventh. Logan Forler charged from fourteenth to eighth with Jason Johnson ninth, putting eight makers between he and Johnny Herrera who crossed eleventh. Blake Hahn worked by the Print Place No. 45x in the closing laps to complete the top ten.

                          Heat Races numbered five with Jeff Swindell, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Blake Hahn, Seth Bergman, and Jason Johnson earning wins. B-Features went to A.G. Rains and Anthony Nicholson.


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                            AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: August 24, 2013 – Kokomo, Indiana – Kokomo Speedway – “Sprint Car Smackdown 2”

                            FIRST QUALIFYING RACE: (10 laps) 1. Scotty Weir (#18 Keen), 2. Tracy Hines (#4 Hines). 3. Braylon Fitzpatrick (#3F Fitzpatrick). 4. Logan Jarrett (#29 Jarrett), 5. Darren Hagen (#21x Pollock), 6. Blake Fitzpatrick (#10 Fitzpatrick), 7. Dakota Jackson (#3 Jackson). NT

                            SECOND QUALIFYING RACE: (10 laps) 1. Shane Cottle (#2 Epperson), 2. Casey Shuman (#21k Krockenberger), 3. Chris Gurley (#12G Team Automotive), 4. Gary Taylor (#40 Hery), 5. Nick Drake (#55 Cline), 6. Ray Kenens (#K9 Kenens), 7. Hunter Schuerenberg (#41 SST). NT

                            THIRD QUALIFYING RACE: (10 laps) 1. Chris Windom (#11 Walker), 2. Wes McIntyre (#83 McIntyre), 3. Jerry Coons Jr. (#10E Edison), 4. Daron Clayton (#35 Byram), 5. Thomas Meseraull (#5 Baldwin), 6. Kyle Robbins (#17R Robbins), 7. Josh Spencer (#66J Spencer).

                            “KING OF THE HILL” 2-CAR SHOOTOUTS: (3 laps each) Round 1: Dave Darland (#71p Phillips) defeated Tyler Courtney (#23c Courtney), Chad Boespflug (#57 Hazen) defeated Robert Ballou (#12x Ballou), Chase Stockon (#32 32 TBI) defeated Bryan Clauson (#20 Stewart/Curb-Agajanian) and Brady Bacon (#69 Dynamics) defeated Jon Stanbrough (#66 Tate/Wade). Round 2: Darland defeated Boespflug and Stockon defeated Bacon, Final Round: Stockon defeated Darland.

                            B MAIN: (15 laps) 1. Clayton, 2. Meseraull, 3. Jarrett, 4. Taylor, 5. Robbins, 6. Hagen, 7. Drake, 8. Spencer, 9. Kenens. NT

                            FEATURE: (40 laps) 1. Dave Darland, 2. Shane Cottle, 3. Chase Stockon, 4. Chris Windom, 5. Brady Bacon, 6. Bryan Clauson, 7. Scotty Weir, 8. Jerry Coons Jr., 9. Tracy Hines, 10. Tyler Courtney, 11. Casey Shuman, 12. Robert Ballou, 13. Jon Stanbrough, 14. Gary Taylor, 15. Wes McIntyre, 16. Daron Clayton, 17. Kyle Robbins, 18. Chris Gurley, 19. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 20. Thomas Meseraull, 21. Logan Jarrett, 22. Chad Boespflug. NT
                            **Jackson flipped during the first qualifier. Schuerenberg flipped during the second qualifier.

                            FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-40 Darland.

                            NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Darland-1,322, 2-Clauson-1,291, 3-Bacon-1,277, 4-Stockon-1,196, 5-Kevin Thomas-1,153, 6-Ballou=1,034, 7-Hines-1,027, 8-Schuerenberg-976, 9-Windom-874, 10-Cottle-855.

                            NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: August 30 – West Burlington, IA – 34 Raceway


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                              Francis is Fantastic, Wins Whiskey City 50 at Lawrenceburg Speedway

                              LAWRENCEBURG, IN (August 24, 2013) - Steve Francis claimed his second Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of the season on Saturday Night at Lawrenceburg Speedway. Francis held off fellow Kentucky driver, Brad Neat for the win. Jimmy Owens finished third followed by Jared Landers and John Blankenship.

                              "They made us work hard for this win tonight. The car got a little hot and it was quite a battle! I had guys running on the inside of me, outside of me, and they were everywhere! The track was in great shape tonight," said Francis, who remains second in the LOLMDS Championship Points Standings.

                              Early on, Francis battled with Eddie Carrier Jr. Duane Chamberlain who caught up to the leaders, and a three-wide battle for the lead ensued. Chamberlain last led on lap 17 until Francis forged ahead.

                              Neat ran second for three circuits early in the race before falling back but later charged back into the runner-up slot on lap 25. Owens, who started eighth, made his way into the top five near the end after battling side-by-side with Landers for third in the final laps.

                              Francis also thanked a multitude of sponsors and others in victory lane. "I have to thank Clint Bowyer for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to thank Barry, Lance, Tommy, and Brian. We all put our heads together and the car was just right! My daughter and wife couldn't be here tonight, so I guess they will have to watch it on television. We have a lot of great sponsors of course, Georgia Boot, Peak Motor Oil, Cometic Gasket, Toyota, VP, Allstar Performance, Clements Racing Engines, and Barry Wright Race Cars."

                              Neat had his best LOLMDS finish of the season, "Congrats to Steve on the win! We both run Barry Wright Race Cars, but his was just a bit better tonight. It's an honor to run against these guys, and they are the best in the business."

                              Owens settled for third. "We had a good race with Jared! We just couldn't get up to those first two guys. Only with a caution could we would have had a shot!"

                              Completing the top ten were Greg Johnson, Earl Pearson Jr., Scott James, Dustin Linville, and Tim Isenberg.


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