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Sprint Series of Texas last night

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  • Sprint Series of Texas last night

    It was too cold for this old guy. I don't know if the temp was that much lower than Friday night, but there was a north wind and it felt cold. But we went anyway. Closer track (10 miles vs 60 miles), cheaper $12 instead of $25, slower cars and fewer names and fewer cars. But they were fast enough and they drove good enough and this was a 1/4 not a 1/2 so 36 cars were plenty. And they started 20 in the feature instead of 22. Not too shabby for a bunch of amateurs.

    Dollar for dollar this is my new favorite class. This particular group is going into it's 5th year and has 60 cars registered. They only brought 36 because that is what the promoter requested. They contract on a per car basis. They are not looking for any more cars at this time, but they are considering running another non winged series to go with this one. SST goes by Racesaver rules, sealed 305s with a series Brodix head, about 400-425 hp. Total car cost $10-15K. But they look, sound and race like real sprints. Yes, I could tell they weren't as fast as the ASCS, but they put on a great show and I plan to make most of their races this year.
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