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Australian Norbert Siedler Joins Brooks Associates Racing Atlantic Squad

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  • Australian Norbert Siedler Joins Brooks Associates Racing Atlantic Squad

    Australian Norbert Siedler Joins Brooks Associates Racing Atlantic Squad

    After an impressive performance at a recent Atlantic test session, Austrian driver Norbert Siedler has been named as the second driver for Brooks Associates Racing and will contest the full season in the upcoming 2006 Yokohama Presents the Champ Car Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda.

    A polished 23-year-old pilot from Wildschِnau, Austria, Siedler enters the Champ Car Atlantic series with a wealth of experience for a relatively young racer. With both Champ Car and Formula One test sessions already in his racing resume, the former European F3000 standout certainly came prepared to showcase his talents for last month’s Atlantic test at Firebird International Raceway near Phoenix with the Brooks team. His quick lap times in the 2005 Atlantic car and his instant chemistry with the team spurred owner and former Atlantic racer John Brooks to act quickly in signing the focused Austrian. Siedler will join fellow rookie and Venezuelan driver Luis Schiavo in the BAR stable this season.

    “We are happy to have Norbert on our team,“ said Brooks. “He was just extremely quick at Phoenix during our initial test and has a very good technical background as well. I am confident he will be in contention for the championship. His level of experience, his feedback and his ability to extract 100% of the car very, very quickly makes him a great addition to not only our team, but the Atlantic series as well."

    A former Austrian karting and Formula Ford champion, Siedler made a name for himself in Europe, earning an F1 test with the Minardi team at age 20. He continued to excel in the European F3000 series producing four victories and 10 pole positions over the last two seasons. Siedler tested a Champ Car for Walker Racing in February of 2005 and he’s been focused on entering the Champ Car ranks ever since. He’ll get that opportunity this season, competing in the top level of Champ Car’s development system with one of the top teams in the series.

    “I have a good feeling and I am optimistic that I will achieve something with BAR,” said Siedler. “In 2005 they were always competitive but had to end their title quest after their number one driver got hurt near the end of the season. The series looks to be quite competitive with all the new teams and drivers.”

    The Brooks Associates Racing team, entering its 12th season of Atlantic competition in 2006, finished sixth and seventh in the final ’05 series standings with drivers Andreas Wirth and Al Unser III, respectively. Wirth, who gave the squad its first win last season when he took the checkered flag in Denver, was running second in the championship chase when a race-day practice accident at Road America ended his season in the second-to-last event of the year.

    BAR looks primed for another title run this season with Siedler and Schiavo leading the way. The squad has taken delivery of its new Mazda-Cosworth/Swift 016.a/Yokohama cars and will be ready to make its debut at the series-sanctioned open test session at California Speedway, March 21-22.

    For more information on the Atlantic series, please visit www.champcaratlantic.com.

    Jeeeez, I've lost count.

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    Confirmed Atlantics 2006 Entries
    Bite Racing – Ben Jamini (Netherlands)
    Bite Racing – Chris Souliotis (Canada)
    Brooks Associates Racing – Luis Schiavo (Venezula)
    Brooks Associates Racing - Norbert Siedler (Austria)
    Forsythe Racing – Leonardo Maia (USA)
    Forsythe Racing – James Hinchcliffe (Canada)
    Forsythe Racing – Richard Phillipe (France)
    Forsythe Racing – Andreas Wirth (Germany)
    Gelles Racing – Robbie Pecorari (USA)
    Gelles Racing – Stephen Simpson (South African)
    Jensen – Tim Bridgman (UK)
    Mathiasen Motorsports – Justin Sofio (USA)
    McAtee Motorsports – Kyle Kelley (USA)
    McAtee Motorsports – Brian McAtee (USA)
    Mi-Jack/Conquest – Graham Rahal (USA)
    NCDL Tech – Ryan Spenser-Smith (USA)
    Newman/Wachs Racing – Joe D’Agostino (USA)
    Newman/Wachs Racing – Daniel Gaunt (New Zeland)
    Polestar – Alan Sciuto (USA)
    PR1 Racing – Mike Forest (Canada)
    PR1 Racing – Jonathon Bomarito (USA)
    Sierra Sierra – Raphael Matos (Brazil)
    Team Australia/Walker – James Davidson (Australia)
    Team Australia/Walker – Simon Pagenaud (France)
    The Room Store – Dan Selznik (USA)
    Unico Racing – C R Crews (USA)

    Drivers that have been confirmed but still finalizing teams
    Charles Hall (UK) GTI team is a no go for 2006 but Charles will be in Atlantics
    Kevin Lacroix (CDN) Announced at Unveiling of new car
    Dan DiLeo (CDN) Announced at Unveiling of new car
    Al Unser (USA) Announced at Unveiling of new car

    Rumoured 2006 combinations
    Eurointernational – Ryan Sharp (UK)
    O’Brien racing – Maryeve Dufault (CDN)
    O’Brien Racing – Rob Thurman
    US RaceTronics - David Martinez (MX)

    Other teams that have indicated an interest in 2006
    Atkins Racing – On Atlantics website
    Condor Motorsports - On Atlantics website and last years champions so
    Condor Motorsports -
    Dan Cobb Racing - tested drivers and working on deal
    Dan Cobb Racing -
    Hearn Motorsports – Announced 2 car team last fall nothing since.
    Hearn Motorsports -
    Ishikawa Racing – Probably only running San Jose and Portland.
    Margraf Racing – On Atlantics website
    Mi-Jack/Conquest – tested drivers and working on deal
    MJ Motorsports – website indicates a two car Atlantics team
    MJ Motorsports -
    Polestar – indicated Tuesday they are working on second car.
    P1 Racing - On Atlantics website
    Team ALR – Still working on driver
    Transnet Racing – Purchased 2 cars and finalizing 2006 drivers
    Transnet Racing –


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      Still about 20 or so combinations that could materialize, and we're at 26 confirmed driver-team packages.

      Is 35 the max they'll allow at Long Beach ??
      "Don't believe the hype!"


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        I havent heard of a max they will allow, yet. I do know that every team was instructed to give EXACT measurements of their rigs as the paddock is going to be absolutly packed this year. Atkins and Hearn look to be out, but Transnet is deffinitly in and has been assigned their numbers for the year already, so we are quickly approaching the magic 30 number.

        Seriously, listen to us... THIRTY Atlantics! Damn thats awesome.


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          Any word on D. Cobb?? He was in last year with a couple wasn't he?
          "Don't believe the hype!"


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            He tested a few drivers this offseason and i hear he got a pair of cars, but havent heard anything specific about the team yet. Hopefully at the open test in a few days we will find out just who bought cars. Its possible that teams like Cobb and Transnet will be there testing new guys in the new cars, to get an idea of who to hire.


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              Australian Norbert Siedler Joins Brooks Associates Racing Atlantic Squad
              A polished 23-year-old pilot from Wildschِnau, Austria, Siedler enters the Champ Car Atlantic series with a wealth of experience for a relatively young racer.
              spot the problem


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                Originally posted by hikari
                spot the problem
                Ya, i was wondering who was gonna say somethin' to the new guy about that.


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