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Katherine Legg to join GB team in A1GP...

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  • Katherine Legg to join GB team in A1GP...

    As their 2nd driver (testing) Hope she does well !! Seems she is at least generating some interest. Good for her !

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    I have Setanta on Direct TV and have been watching A1GP. I was so excited at first, now I am extremely disappointed. It has all of the makings of something that could make the world disregard F-1. It's got national loyalty and an almost wholesome, unspoiled nature about it.

    Then, you have the drivers. These kids are prima donnas who think the world owes them something! I was so put off by the young kids that I couldn't bear to watch the last race. It was nice to see familiar names from Indy Car like Herta, Scheckter, and Enge. But the young kids were spoiled brats with no appreciation for what they were doing.

    Champ Car should merge with these guys. They would fit perfectly together and fulfill the need to travel the world on someone else's dime that they can't seem to shake and work with Indy Car. When Kalkhoven goes dry, then the Sheik can take over. The two series are the same - you have a bunch of brat 18 to 20 year olds and a bunch of over-qualfified veterans with bad cars.



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      I bet Mark would have appreciated your thoughts. You need to change your screen name.


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        How can you tell the're spoiled brats with the helmets on going 150+ MPH


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