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Kudos to Rusport

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  • Kudos to Rusport

    Was anyone else impressed with the progress this team has shown over the season? A killer team when in Atlantics and now competing at the elite top of CC. Great job and gave Justin a chance to show that he has talent, along with AJ.

    I hope that this reflects that with a stable formula, it is now a matter of execution and follow through, along with talent, to move to the top of CC. It would be great next season to see several teams at competing for the top of the charts. There were substantial signs of this happening this year.


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    I was impressed with them. I think they can challenge Bruno, Sea Bass and N/H next year. Rusport has done a great job.

    I think next year's top teams will be N/H, Rusport, and Forsythe. PKV can be a contender too, depending on their line-up.

    But I think all the teams did a good job this year. 2006 should be a great year.
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      They are better than Rocketsports. That's the team I don't like. Hey, it's my AGR I guess!


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        Well, look at the way they started last year. They were supposed to be a 1 car team with AJ, and I believe they were not going to be sponsored as to concentrate on getting gelled as a team without the sponsorship duties. Then they got in the middle of the Rahal defection and agreed to run MJ. That took some doing to suddenly go from thinking you were going to be a 1-car team to a 2-car team just before the start of the season.

        Move to this year and they make a quality signing of Justin Wilson to compliment AJ. They found chemistry between the two drivers and they had solid results. If AJ could have kept it between the walls he surely would have had at least 1 win (possibly more). And Justing could (should?) have had one more win in Portland. So with a little more luck, patience, and concentration, 2006 should make for a team that will be hard to beat.

        One thing that bugged me this year about RuSport was the revolving sponsors. Would like to see steady sponsors, but I also understand the economics. But there should have been no reason for JW to have a red driving suit instead of yellow.
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          RuSport has definitly stepped up to the plate. They have 2 good drivers they are paying, a good engineering staff, and someone beating the woods for sponsors. They can only get better looking at Russo's support.


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            they can also get 'better looking' (litterally) if they get some new paint on those cars to match their sponsors!


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              RuSport has been one of the big highlights of this season. I hope AJ can settle down a bit next year and score some wins alongside Justin.

              It wouldn't hurt for them to nail down that Red Bull sponsorship, either. (fingers crossed!)
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