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Nice Piece about growth from our Broadcast Partner

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  • Nice Piece about growth from our Broadcast Partner


    President Vicente Fox invited all six drivers to a meeting at the presidential residence this week.

    "This event is significant for Mexico," driver and team owner Adrian Fernandez told Fox. "This began in the dreams of many years ago and now it is a reality."

    But the heart of the issue may lie as much in free trade agreements as on the track

    But Mexican companies have seen CART as a way to promote products that are increasingly exported to the United States, as well as to win the hearts and pocketbooks of fans -- often relatively rich ones -- in race-crazy Mexico.

    The list of team and race event sponsors at this event includes Mexico's main telephone company, its top cell phone company, its largest bank, a major supermarket chain with U.S. outlets, a food company that exports to the United States and two widely exported Mexican beers.

    Nearly 90 percent of Mexican exports go to the United States.
    If it doesn't have wings... It isn't worth talking about!

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    Mexico and it's fans have been good to Cart.


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