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I'm a believer

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  • I'm a believer

    I believe
    Kevin Kalkhoven on Champ Car: "The amount of money we're spending is very little overall and I can afford to run this thing forever."

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    Now I've got the Monkees in my head.

    Thanks for nothing!



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      I believe in the diversity that defines Champ Cars... and I believe in the best OW racing in America.

      That's why I believe in Champ Car.

      (BTW mnky, did the Monkees start wrenching on your brain?)

      Oooooh, now that's a bad one.


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        I believe that the diversity claim isn't being bought by anybody. C^RT should package itself as a road/street racing series and go about eliminating the money losers and focusing on the profitable markets.

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          I believe Mike Sulka is the ultimate optimist.
          I don't believe he will be proven 100% correct.

          I think that motorock will fail.
          I believe I could be wrong.

          I believe that Micheal Andretti,
          Did what is best for Himself.

          Just like everyone else.

          I believe that Roger Penske.
          Is on the bod of GE,HD,Altria.UAL,Delphi.Cummins.
          And thats all I can think of just now.

          I think He should know what will and will not work.
          I have spent more time here than I did in school.


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            I believe Mike believes

            I still believe the diversity of CART's schedule in it's heyday was the greatest challenge in motorsports.
            "Living well is the best revenge"

            George Herbert


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              I believe that Mike's been smokin too much weed!
              But that's just my opinion!


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                I believe I have to go to the bathroom.
                "You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."
                -John Morley


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                  I believe an 800hp motor in a 1200lb chassis with really fat tires would make a great road-racing Champcar.

                  (I believe 800hp + 1200lbs + fat tires sounds like I got the idea from an Outlaw sprint car)
                  Last edited by ChrisB; 09-18-2003, 08:54 PM.


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                    I believe Mike is right in some of his ideas, but
                    I believe he is also wrong on a few.

                    I believe that this isnt the banner i would fully support, but
                    I believe that seeing support for CART makes me happy.


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