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  • What I'd like to see

    I didn't want to hijack Silvercrown's thread because it deserves it's own look.
    And I'll say right off the bat, that what I'd like to see and what I'll get to see don't always have much in common.

    Two separate series. Or 3 separate series. I'll get the road course stuff out of the way.
    Series A
    All road courses. Indy maybe, maybe not. Car costs whatever they decide. High tech low tech, it matters not much to me. Small fields of high priced cars if that's what they want. Large fields of low priced cars if they want that. Oval racers barred from entering any of their races unless they spend at least on year on an approved road racing ladder series and win at least one race and have a predominance of top 5 finishes.

    Series B.
    Same as Series A except some oval races. Probably Indy. Possible exception to the oval racer having road racing experience.

    Series C
    All ovals. Maybe Indy, maybe not.
    Chassis must be under $100K for a roller and preferably $50K. Can be tube frame or composite as long as they are the same and readily available to anyone, are safe and fit into the cost parameters above. Probably front engined roadster configuration, although rear engined is acceptable to me as long as the costs meet the above rule. Engines will be stock blocks putting out 700 hp. Engines will cost $50K or less. If necessary they will be owned by the sanctioning body and distributed before the race weekend and collected at the end of the race. Drivers must have at least one year of approved oval short track experience with at least one win and and finish in the top five in points. Starting fields will be at least 30 on tracks smaller than one mile, at least 40 on mile tracks and 50 on tracks 1.5 miles and longer. Heat races held on previous night or day to qualify. Top 2 times will be locked in for the front row. All others must qualify through their heat or B Main. Schedules will be coordinated to not conflict with Cup races except in rare cases. Season of 30-40 races with no more than one off week during the season at a time. Drivers will be encouraged to race in other series when not scheduled for this series. This includes short tracks, dirt tracks and road races. Road racers wanting to race in this series must get the one year experience and results on short ovals to qualify.
    Some people will do nearly anything in order to be able to not do anything.

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