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The $30 mil deal

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  • The $30 mil deal


    According to the article CC is still alive...technically...

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    $30 million. That would purchase 75 teams $200K worth of chassis and $200K worth of engines. 75 teams trying for 40 starting spots. 3 25 car 50 lap heat races on ovals or 1 hour heat races on road courses. Top 30 spots locked in for A main, with a B and C main. Lots of races, lots of cars what's not to like?
    If you have $200K cars and $50K engines, that's one car and 4 engines with no back up car. But you still have 75 trying for 40.
    If the car is $100K and the engines $50K, that's all 75 teams having a back up car and 4 engines.
    Top teams with more sponsorship could have higher paid professional crew, but if that was limited smaller teams could get by pretty good with dedicated semi pro and even volunteer crews that were motivated by the love of the sport and/or dedication to the team/driver/owner.
    It wouldn't be nascar money territory, but they aren't close to that now and this would be pretty darned good entertainment that might just draw a crowd.
    Some people will do nearly anything in order to be able to not do anything.


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