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Where did Red Bull go.........NASCAR.

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  • Where did Red Bull go.........NASCAR.

    “If somebody blocked you, you either hit ’em in the *** or got out of your car and beat their ***,” said A.J. Foyt

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    i thought they were going to Champ Car just like Ganassi and Penske..
    "Paff has been closer to the mark than anyone will give him credit for."

    Richard Kimble 11/18/2010

    "Paff is far more right than any of you will EVER give him credit for.

    As non politically correct and un IndyCar friendly as it is, it's the truth. "

    SeeuInMay 12/29/2010


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      They arent allowed to do both? People said "oh, they must be done in racing" when the bought Jaguar. Then they bought Minardi. Then they revived the Skoda WRC program.

      Oooh, then theres that GP2 program... and that GrandAm car... hmmm... and those Dakar sponsorships... hmm


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        I would love to see the bill they pay in sponsorship. Everywhere you turn you see something sponsored by them.
        “If somebody blocked you, you either hit ’em in the *** or got out of your car and beat their ***,” said A.J. Foyt


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          Red Bull has a presence in just about every presence of sport on earth.

          The Red Bull Sky Skiing event cemented it for me. Down hill ski racing with parachutes instead of ski's.

          You jump out of a plane, sky dive, open your chute and line up with a downhill course at a ski run, and negotiate the gates... it was pretty cool.

          Red Bull is everywhere.
          Rest in Peace, Miles Nelson

          Never forget, 'Mackie' was here.


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            Originally posted by dreamracer
            Red Bull is everywhere.
            Mojo Nixon needs to revamp his "Elvis Is Everywhere" tune to include that line.


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              The new player, Red Bull, is a popular energy drink with international distribution, best known for its involvement in Formula 1 and, for a time, in the Indy Racing League. Gaunt said the team has acquired the old Penske Racing headquarters in Mooresville, N.C., but has no personnel or machinery in place.
              Interesting tidbit on Penske's old place.



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                I found this more interesting:

                Toyota officials said Monday that, instead of the centralized approach it brought to the Trucks, the Cup teams would build and develop engines and cars on their own. The exception, they said Tuesday, will be the Red Bull team, which at least at the start will have full factory support.
                It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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                  Now what is the conflict about only being allowed in one series?? Is Red Bull now a cigarette?

                  Jim Beam was in IRL and NASCAR, Crown Royal NASCAR and IROC, Grand AM.

                  What am I missing?

                  Maybe they want their product advertised in front of millions instead of thousands???
                  "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved
                  body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting
                  "...holy $^!+...what a ride!"


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                    To stop all the beating around the bush and put things in perspective. The Big rumor from the fanatics was RedBull was leaving the IRL and going to Rusport and AJ as a team sponsor. Hasn't happened yet. Evidently they went to the 2 premier series in the world F1 and NASCAR and CCWS got a show during the street circus from Redbull at Long Beach instead .
                    Originally Posted by Mack Too
                    for the true CCWS fans, I'm sorry for your loss, for the many in-fighters, you weren't happy before anyway.


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                      The other story was that RedBull would become the Atlantics series sponsor and pay the $2 million winner's prize. That hasn't happened, either.


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                        So your beef is that rumors arent always right? Rusport didnt go to the IRL with Honda engines, like everyone thought. Rumors tend to be... ya know... not entirely factual. Infact, thats part of the implied meaning of the word, after all.


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                          Sad that Red Bull has moved over to stock cars, but in the US, racing is NASCAR. That is why it is funny to see IRL fans, CCWS fans and people like Robin Miller argue about who is going to win the consolation prize that OW racing has become.

                          What does everyone think about the possibility of Allmendinger being one of the Toyota drivers in NASCAR for 2007. They would sure get more bang for their personal sponsorship buck if he was in Cup or Busch.


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