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Walker and Haberfeld start new Formula BMW team.

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  • Walker and Haberfeld start new Formula BMW team.

    Walker and Haberfeld form new team Champ Car team Walker Racing has formed a racing partnership between Brazilian driver Mario Haberfeld, Derrick Walker Racing, and Alabama businessman Markus Bischof. The new venture, Haberfeld & Walker Racing, will be based at the Walker Racing workshop in Indianapolis.

    The Haberfeld (Mario Haberfeld pictured right) & Walker Racing partnership’s first race program will be to field a three-car entry in the 2006 Formula BMW USA series. Two young talented drivers: David Rangel from Mexico and Marco Santos from Brazil will pilot the cars.

    “This is the beginning of a wonderful dream for me”, said Rangel. “This opportunity in the BMW series with this team will help me make my way to victory”.

    Santos added, “I will be driving in one of the best teams in the series. Mario is an excellent coach and has a lot of experience as a driver, and the Walker team will help me to improve my skills and grow towards a successful career”.

    Both drivers enter Formula BMW for their first season this year. The team is currently working on signing another driver for the third-car entry.

    “In the formation of this new venture”, says owner of Walker Racing, Derrick Walker, “we have a strong program for BMW and some long-range plans to expand. We are off to a great start with Marco and David and are all looking forward to having a great season

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    Are these 3 cars the same cars that Team Aussie is running? Last year, the Team Aussie cars were run by PoleVision instead of being inhouse, iirc. If these arent the same cars, that would mean FIVE FBMW rides with Walker's toes in them, haha. Pretty insane.


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      Wonderful for the young shoes.

      Formula BMW... is it leading anywhere? Dead boring to watch.

      I think Nico may have a take on it though...


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