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I am Thankful :

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  • I am Thankful :

    That Christ is in my life.
    That I have a warm and wonderful family.
    That I have a job that I enjoy and allows me to meet people within the racing community and travel to many racing venues.
    That I live in country where freedom of thought is encouraged.
    That I live in a country where intellectual (and not so intellectual) debate is possible,
    That Track Forum exists to feed my auto racing thoughts, desires, and fun.
    That Billy Boat will supply Williams F1 with their exhaust systems and be a test driver.
    That Sabastian Bordalaise will get his NASCAR hard card.
    That auto racing is the number one sport in the known universe.
    That the moderators here realize that no matter what I write that it is only Little 'Ol Oyal, here to inject some humor, dredge up some facts, throw in some opinion and to keep the lemmmings from marching blindly into the sea.
    ...Always follow the money

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    Well, your sentiments are nice anyway...

    Center Grove Trojans
    2008 5A Football State Champs
    2015 6A Football State Champs
    2011 Track State Champs

    Center Grove Jr. Trojans
    2014, 2015 & 2017 IEFA State Champs


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      Any day is a good day to be thankful.
      "Is that my *** that I smell burning?" ... Helmet Stogie from "Death spasms of the Mabuchi"


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