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Promoting in the LA Market

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  • Promoting in the LA Market

    Some of the required reading to successfully promote in tinsel town where only perceived winners are cool and anything less is scorned and turning up at a show that's not 'in' is anathema.

    (courtesy LA Times)

    Visitors Are the Ones Who Show Up for Showtime
    The voice on the other end of my cellphone could hear noise in the background, and wondered.

    "Are you at the Laker game?" he asked.


    "I mean, are you at the Clipper game?"

    The teams, they are a'changing.

    For the 100th time since they moved to Los Angeles, the Clippers played the Lakers on Friday night.

    For perhaps the first time, the Clippers were the Showtime.

    They were the magic of Sam Cassell, the big game of Elton Brand, the strange Superman that was Chris Kaman, the slicked-back mastery of Mike Dunleavy.

    They weren't just a better team but, perhaps more important around here, they were a more entertaining team.

    Staples Center was covered in a Laker floor and filled with a Laker crowd but buzzed all night with a Clipper spirit. The result was a 97-91 victory that was about more than points.

    The Clippers have beaten the Lakers before, albeit only 21 times in the previous 99 games.

    But it's different now. It feels different, it looks different and, yes, it even sounds different.

    There have always been vocal Laker fans in the house when the Clippers were the home team in this series.

    But can you ever remember Clipper fans cheering at a Laker home game? Can you ever remember Clipper fans sticking around the gym longer than Laker fans?

    "There are more Clipper jerseys tonight, there were more Clipper cheers," said Brand, who scored a team-high 23 points. "I remember when we used to play this game and only hear boos."

    Now it is oohs.

    The Lakers closed the gap to five points in the final three minutes, and this is when the new Clippers kicked in.

    Cassell and Cuttino Mobley controlled the ball. Corey Maggette and Brand filled in the gaps. It was never closer.

    Maggette beat Lamar Odom for a layup. Kobe Bryant missed a wild three pointer. Mobley beat everyone to the basket for a layup attempt that he missed, but he was fouled, and he converted both free throws.

    "Last year late in the game like this we wouldn't have held together," said Brand. "This year we brought in win-tested guys who know how to hold on to a game."
    Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati

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