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Mecachrome to the IRL ?

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  • Mecachrome to the IRL ?

    Not sure how credible this site is.

    Mecachrome expanding engine business?
    The engineering firm Mecachrome, last seen in F1 with their Renault-based Supertec engines, has been trying to drum up interest of late in an IRL engine they plan to build. Representatives from the French company have been attending IRL events in the hope of selling the engine to a maufacturer.

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    ...in the hope of selling the engine to a manufacturer.
    I think this is the key. If someone is willing to buy an engine from them, they are more than willing to sell it. (So are Cosworth, Ilmor, etc.) The problem is that (so far, anyway) no manufacturer has stepped in to buy (badge) them.
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      Don't they already have an engineering partnership with Cheever?


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        Originally posted by JoeBob
        Don't they already have an engineering partnership with Cheever?
        I thought Cheever had something to do with their alleged presence in Indianapolis.
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          Maybe they can bring BMW with them!
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            From Cheever Red Bull site
            Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Mecachrome International is the leading aerospace, production vehicle and motorsports integrator in the world and has been involved in motorsports for nearly 30 years.

            Contributing expertise and critical processes including engineering, research and development, as well as chassis and component aerodynamics and design, the company's technical partnership with Red Bull Cheever Racing and the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series ® began in the spring of 2004.

            Mecachrome proudly introduced the Mobile Engineering Center (MEC) at the 88th running of the Indianapolis 500 in 2004. The first of its kind in the IRL IndyCarئ Series, the MEC serves as the control center for engineers working with Red Bull Cheever Racing drivers Patrick Carpentier and Alex Barron.

            The MEC's state-of-the-art environment is a hub for a high-speed wireless communications network and stores servers for software, as well as an innovative advanced network infrastructure that features wireless and IP (Internet Protocol) communications technologies.

            Mecachrome works closely with Red Bull Cheever Racing and their partners to perpetually improve team performance as well as identify solutions in the area of engineering, communications and data analysis.

            Founded in Colombes, France in 1937, Mecachrome's involvement in motor racing began in 1971 with the manufacture of parts for motor sports. In 1997 Mecachrome was granted official Formula 1 constructor status and two years later commenced machining and assembling F1 engines. Throughout the years the company has provided and continues to provide technical expertise to some of the most renowned manufacturers in the world.

            An industry leader, Mecachrome works with its partners in the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors, to create, integrate and realize projects that meet and exceed expectations.
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              Carpentier's $800,000 salary at Cheever is paid for by Mechachrome. He has a contract through 2006:

              RDS.ca (in French)


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                TG should have bought the rights to this engine and had Mecachrome sell the "approved" major parts to any builder. Affordable and high tech; this would be like the Aurora era (sans Infiniti). Engine manufacturers could still be engine builders (and leasers) but they would have to use the same approved pieces as the little guys.

                Call them the (Insert builder's name here) Indy V-8s:
                HPD Honda Indy V-8
                Ilmor Indy V-8
                Comptech Indy V-8
                TRD Toyota Indy V-8
                Cosworth Indy V-8
                Roush Indy V-8
                Hendrick Indy V-8
                Menard Indy V-8
                EdPink Indy V-8
                Gaerte Indy V-8
                Speedway Indy V-8
                All with the same block, heads, ECU, etc.

                Of course TG wouldn't get his manufacturer bucks, but I doubt he is getting much from Honda for 2007-2009 anyway.
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