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NASCAR Crafstman Trucks @ IMS????

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  • NASCAR Crafstman Trucks @ IMS????

    According to this week's National Speed Sport News, Tony is considering it.

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    What's next?
    Proud to be a complainer.


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      Originally posted by slinger
      What's next?
      No doubt CART will get blamed for it.


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        I'll make Tony a deal. Let Driving 101 into IMS (like the Petty deal), and I'll get behind a quaint little truck race as part of a NASCAR weekend. But more preferably run the trucks at Raceway Park.

        Wonder whether Toyota has anything to do with this?
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          He wants a profitable race, I guess.

          I'm looking forward to the first Dirt Late Model show there. I might have to haul up for that one...
          "It was actually fun, because you're back fully driving again in these trucks. Ninety percent of the tracks we go to in the IRL, you're flat-out. I was having to lift off the corners some here." - Buddy Rice


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            Motorcycles, trucks???

            When I was up to the speedway in July, they had the track closed to the bus tours for a bunch of bicyclists. Perhaps testing?? Maybe next year we'll see Tour de Tony.


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              Nobody's gonna like this...

              But - some years back when they had massive flooding in the midwest, and many people were forced out of their homes and worse, I suggested that they run a 'hobby stock' (or whatever your local track calls the bomber class) race at Indy.

              Basicly, my thoughts were $1000 to enter. Rules pretty generic, so that just about anyone across the country who had a hobby racer car could run. Run as many time trials, heat races and semi-features as needed to cut the field down to the top 40 or so cars, then let them go at it. Maybe 10 grand to win, everyone who makes it into the a-main at least gets the entry fee back. Grandstand tickets are $20, pit admission $50.

              And ALL of the proceeds go to charity - at the time, the charity would have been the flood victims. Maybe do the race every 5 years, and pick whatever charity most needed the money at the time.

              My bet is that several hundred would-be competitors would have shown up (at least - who wouldn't want to run Indy for a grand?) and they could have made a fortune for a good cause.
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                The transformation is complete. The Indy 500 is the only IndyCar race that matters.


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                  Originally posted by autoracingfan2


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                    Originally posted by FredSonicSmith
                    No doubt CART will get blamed for it.
                    I never said or suggested any such thing.
                    Proud to be a complainer.


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                      Who here will turn down the oportunity to make money?

                      Not I.

                      The 500 is diluted?

                      Not to me.

                      I say go for it.

                      Just don't run them other things during May.

                      That way all of the nay sayers can just tune the rest of the races out.

                      But I bet the same ones that say no.

                      Will either show up to watch.

                      Or tune in on the broadcast.

                      I say fine,run them with the Cupcars.
                      Iroc is going away anyway.
                      I have spent more time here than I did in school.


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                        Whats next?



                        A NASCAR Southwest Tour event?

                        Hey, how about a round of the HOOTERS Pro Cup series @ IMS?

                        No frigging way.
                        My hovercraft is full of eels.


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                          I cannot wait to see the trucks at the old Brickyard! Now that would be exciting!

                          Just look at it as adding to the tradition.

                          Besides, if the IRL is to really succeed, IMS needs as many money making events as possible. If that means ARCA or ASA, then fine.
                          Rollll Tide!!!


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                            Mr. Roberts.
                            None of the others you mentioned come close to being
                            close to worthy.
                            I have spent more time here than I did in school.


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                              I doubt adding a truck race to IMS would increase ticket sales on either Friday or Saturday. It would be a better value for the fans going those days. Is this a contingency plan if IROC is not around next year? Besides, why not do a Busch event?
                              It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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