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Somewhat OT - Pep Boys Closing 33 Stores

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  • Somewhat OT - Pep Boys Closing 33 Stores

    Pep Boys closed 33 stores and laid off 860 employees Thursday in a restructuring the company said will save $11 million annually.

    About 700 store employees lost their jobs because of the 33 closings - about 5 percent of Pep Boys' 629 stores. Another 160 corporate employees were laid off to streamline the management structure, the company said.

    The restructuring is the first major initiative under chief executive Lawrence Stevenson, who was appointed in May.
    CBS News Link

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    "The restructuring is the first major initiative under chief executive Lawrence Stevenson, who was appointed in May."

    restructuring, major initative: Corporate translation- bloodbath
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      During the PEP BOY year I tried to support the series sponsor with my business.

      I was driving into Salt Lake City when the water pump failed on my conventional FE/RD car. The fan took out the radiator, I had the car towed to Pep Boy's. With the water pump driven by the timing belt, I wanted to replace the belt too. Pep Boy's tried to piggyback all the changes and gave me an estimate of nearly $900, they must have thought they were talking to someone that didn't know a thing about cars. They wanted to charge $150 to repair my radiator when a new one, sold across the street at retail, cost half. Piggybacking is when you charge to replace the pump, charge to replace belt and all the other repairs, with separate labor charges for each, when all labor is related and connected. If this is how they do business, they deserve to fail, needless to say, they didn't fix my car.

      IIRC, as series sponsor, Pep Boys was seriously in arrears on their payments when the IRL pulled the plug. At the time it was rumored they were in trouble.


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        Originally posted by Mackie
        During the PEP BOY year I tried to support the series sponsor with my business.
        Like Mackie when they were sponsoring the IRL I tried to give them my business. I drove past 2 Auto Zone's, 3 Checker Auto's and 2 NAPA's to get to Pep Boys. After I get there the counter help was not knowledgeable and the prices were high.

        I remember buying a set of Raybestos brakes from them and pointing out that I was purchasing this brand of brakes because they sponsored Kenny Irwin in the NCTS and I was buying it from them because of their sponsorship of the IRL. The guy behind the counter gave me one of those deer in the head lights look and said "What's a IRL?"

        I was so happy to be done with them.

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          I too tried to support the series sponsor. The Pep Boys around our area has decent counter help. My problem is that some of the products sold there were maybe 20 percent higher than at Auto Zone.

          I once went to take advantage of the 4 for $99 Futura radials for my old car because I didn't want to put much more money in it. When they got done with the balancing, new valve stems and all of the other "extras" I found I wasn't saving and money versus the Michel Tire down the road with their Dayton Tires.


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            Why don't they just lay-off Manny, Moe, or Mack? I'm sure the savings from omitting one of those guy's big time spokesperson contracts could save the company big money!
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              I've always felt so ..alone
              until these revelations.

              Ditto for me with my wife's car
              and sparing you the ugly details

              This after I had called and spoke with the local and regional manager and sent letters of support to home office.

              And yes, not a one had any idea of what IRL meant.

              I still have the 3/6 flag

              carl s
              Indio, CA
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